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Pyure Stevia Clone Help?


With the apparent success some are having with the Pyure liquid Stevia I would love to get in on the action and try it out myself as a sweetener as I really don’t get on with the current sweeteners and the aftertaste! Yeaugh!
As the Pyure liquid Stevia seems unavailable out with the US I thought I would try and recreate this sweetener.
The ingredients listed are Rebaudioside A, apple Cider Vinegar and Citric Acid.
I have placed an order for the Reb A powder which will arrive early next week.
I would like to run by you all my planned percentages and would love for some advice and opinions as to the purpose of the vinegar and citric additions.

Rebaudioside A powder (95%) - 2%
Apple Cider Vinegar - 0.5%
Citric Acid powder - 0.5%

All ingredients dissolved in a PG solution.

All help gladly appreciated

Liquid stevia (pyure)

See if you can get Stevita Brand Stevia…would be a great substitute…


Pyure is dissolved in distilled water,but PG should be fine too. ACV is listed before citric acid on the ingredients so it might be need higher % than the CA, but really I don’t see anything wrong with what you’re doing. You could probably go as high as 5% on the Reb A powder, but that’s just based on what I’ve read other people are doing. I think @daath does his at 10%.

People add ACV and citric acid (or lemon juice) to make fruits pop. 0.5 - 1% is what I usually see on those, but that’s for an e-juice mix. Let’s say you plan to add 1% of your custom blended sweetener, that would mean you only had 0.005% ACV and CA in your final mix. Seems low, but I have no idea. Too many variables! If I were to take a wild guess I’d say something like 10% Reb A and 2.5% each of ACV and CA, but like I said, that’s a wild guess.


I have use this before:



Problem is @Chewy is outside the US (what country?) so Walmart is no good.

This international Target site might be good tho? At least if the shipping cost isn’t too horrible.

One thing tho, that product is a Erythritol/Stevia blend and some people don’t like the taste of Erythritol.

You might like it tho.


@Flavor_Alchemist thanks I will look into that.
Is that the brand you currently use? If so what are your thoughts?

Great info and advice.Thank you.
Was wary of going high on the Reb powder as I didn’t want it over sweet but maybe I am being ultra cautious?
I will start off low with the ACV and the CA and increase if needed. Still not sure what they are included for in the original product but I guess maybe as a preservative? Don’t know?

Thanks for the link.
I am in the UK and the shipping on certain items just doesn’t make it worth it.


Yes…It is one of the cleanest ones out there…No additional ingredients except grapefruit seed extract, used as a preservative…Considered one of the best


What % ratio do you use?
And have you noticed any aftertaste?


chewy ive been going into holland and barrets and getting the stevia packets. couple of quid. 2grams in 20ml pg or vg. its the same thing rub-a


Mix a bottle of 1 part liquid Stevita brand Stevia to 9 parts of PG or VG or PG/VG blend for a 10% mix to use as your sweetner…Start out at 3 drops of that per 10 ml juice…taste and adjust if necessary…No aftertaste…I am also experimenting with Agave Lite amber…Same proportions…no results yet…


Thank you!
Might try this as well?
Have you noticed any gun king of the coil with this?
The powder I ordered should be here by Wednesday so I will keep you all updated on my progress with this.


Didn’t even consider them?
I did look in the supermarkets but there was a load of additives in the powders so didn’t bother!


Open source vapor uses a 2% mix of 120mg/ml of reb a. I have not tried it yet as i am awaiting my order of reb a but will be soon


There definitely is an aftertaste… at least with the Pyure brand. I start to notice it starting at ~0.75%. It’s not a bad aftertaste, just an aftertaste. I made 3 different recipes and added either 0.75% or 1% and each of them had the same kind of sweet aftertaste. 0.75% and 1% is on the high side though, so in most cases I would think 0.25% to 0.50% would work just fine in a mix.


I’m finding its good at 1 drop per 15 ml or 3drops for 30ml if you like it a tad sweeter.


I’ll try that, thanks… What do you mean by “drop” in this case though? The drops right out of the Pyure bottle are huge and weigh about 0.05g. I just wanna make sure what kind of drop you’re talking about.


I use a 15ml dropper bottles. These ones.

Edit:- i believe they weigh 0.02g


Cool. Thanks for the tip. Yup 0.02g is pretty much what I see per drop with those bottles.


@john70 be interested in your findings?

@ffrank I wonder if that is the ACV ratio in their mix?
I could put up with an aftertaste if it was pleasant to me and didn’t effect the overall flavour.

Thanks for the info.


I’m not sure about the ACV ratio. The aftertaste isn’t bad at all. I prolly wouldn’t even have noticed it if I didn’t try Stevia in 3 completely diff recipes. All had a similar taste after the exhale.