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Pyure Stevia Clone Help?


Orange, Chocolate Raspberry, Hazelnut, Watermelon, English Toffee, Root beer,…


I dunno peeps I am enjoying my NowFoods Glycerite …Organic …already in VG $7 for 8 oz Notice at the bottom it says “store in a cool dry place”


I have some Pyure liquid Stevia that I haven’t touched for a good few months, I picked it up today and noticed some cristalization, or at least that’s what it looks like.
I’ve tried shaking it hard to see if it disolves, but it hasn’t.
Anyone experienced this?
I’m not sure I want to use it as is.


Has it been kept refrigerated?
Is it the Pyure with apple cider vinegar and citric acid?


It was the OG Pyure, I don’t remember if that’s the one with apple cider vinegar and citric acid.
It wasn’t refrigerated, it was in a box in a drawer.


Unless they have changed the packaging, all of the
Pyure liquid stevia I know of says to refrigerate after opening,
not only to keep it fresh, but to keep the ‘curdling’ from happening.
You see the same thing in lemon or lime juice, for example.

The problem with their packaging on the small size like the 0.9floz,
the instruction to refrigerate are printed on the wrapper at the top/side
that you tear off in order to open the cap…
Once opened/removed, the instruction is no where to be found.


Oh, didn’t realize that, thanks. I will refrigerate it from now on.


(one) of the reasons I make my stevia stone from pure organic stevia powder
[and VG with or without ACV and lime juice], it is shelf stable and just lives on my desk.
As with most anything similar, it needs a couple of shakes before each use.


I tried Pyure powdered Reb A (only ingredient listed) at 10% in VG, and can’t get the cloudiness to disappear. I heated the VG hot to the touch before mixing. I’m thinking I might have to break down and buy a mag mixer!


Why do you think it needs to be ‘clear’ ?
(it will ‘disappear’ in the mix)

Great idea.