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Pyure Stevia Clone Help?


Thanks LF but I consider it very much a team effort and you played a big part in that!
Would love to get my hands on the Pyure to compare side by side.
I predominantly use this to sweeten my mixes and Im quite happy with it.
Will look forward to hearing how you get on with it?


Been watching this thread and finally received my stevia powder in the mail. What
is your best recipe so far? I need a place to start with it pretty please!


This is the recipe I use


Works out great for me!
Let me know what you think?
But it should be fine?


Thanks Chewy! I’ll try that. :slight_smile:


Ok LV, holding out with the Malic Acid now, I’d ask where is the legit bag of stuff cuz surely it’s not out in the open…:wink:


This is an ingredient of interest for me as well as I have a very high grade stevia extract I think somewhere in the 95-97%pure ballpark, I’m wondering which is the best to use distilled water or pg, to keep from gunking my coils any thoughts foresight or advice would be greatly appreciated I’m very familiar with extractions as I’m an herbalist but very green in vaping suspensions


It is hidden here…



It’s behind the plate on corner shelf…


That is actually the top cover for a $26,000 Nascar transmission :wink:

And no. If you look on the top left corner of the larger set of drawers, it’s lying right there out in the open. But you didn’t even see it haha. Good hiding spot huh? Oh, don’t look inside the paper towel roll :wink:


Now is that the Malic Acid or the legit stuff in the drawer?:wink: The paper towel roll, hmmmm, anyones guess…


Yea I meant to say Nascar Transmission cover, hahaha…


That is one tidy workplace!
I’m jealous!


Yeah, it was when I took the pic. I now have 100 more flavors to add to my stash and nowhere to put the bottles. So they are all piled up in my work area. I think my closet is going to have to store all my TFA stuff. It will suck having to go to the closet to get those flavors. But I am not sure what else to do.

On the Pyure, it says refrigerate after opening. Anyone doing that?

Looking to make really sweet juice

I do, kind of thought they would not have printed that if it did not need to be refrigerated after opening.


I haven’t been refrigerating mine. I’ll be sure to let y’all know if it makes me sick or anything. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am sure a lot of folks don’t the print is so small I would need a big magnifying glass to see it

I only did it because I read it here someplace before I ordered it.


From Brazil…not China



Hmm. No filler huh? Might be a good way to go.


@Flavor_Alchemist uses this, but I think his is in liquid form and has grapefruit seed in it…
This is the purest I know of (above), and what weened me off of sucralose.

I think this is what @Flavor_Alchemist uses…


I haven’t refrigerated mine either. It’s still the same color. Hmm.