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Questions regarding stainless steel wire


Try the spaced and see how you go but let's know how you get on bro👍😙💨💨💨💨


What was the ohm's on that build?


Without my ohm metter, i really don't know . Should be around 0.5


0.29 ohms according to my ohm calc program i have.


Hi, would like to ask. Are SS wire only work on dna200 chip? Just asking since saw a lot of this post in Google.
And can SS wire works on provari P3 and lemo 2 tank?
Thanks in advance.


You can use ss in tc mode or vv/vw mode. Its a lower resistance wire so use steam engine for your coil builds.
I use 317L stainless steel and others use 316L ss, various gauges.
I use it in my lemo drop with no problems. 😜💨💨💨


I'm really impresses with this twisted 26ga SS. It's been a week now on the same build using it every day and I haven't even had to re wick. It's just now starting to show signs it will need re wicking and I bet I've ran more than 60ml through it.


Just a quick update on my stainless experience so far. I've been using an X Cube 2 in temp mode exclusively for SS. I've found that at least on this device the more surface area you have the more accurately the temp control functions. I found this to be true in both RTA's and RDA's. In RDA's, both duel and single coils there seems to be no problem building fairly low. I usually build between .2 and .3 ohms. Not crazy low, but fine for me. However in RTA's, at least on the X Cube 2, it really doesn't dial in until you go over .5 ohms and doesn't seem to work very well with spaced coils, at least not for me. Once over .5 ohms, I get a very consistent vape between 410 and 460 Degrees F depending on the RTA. Anyway, just to make Pro_Vapes happy ( kidding ) I'm going to buy some Ti. Also just FIY I found a really good wire supplier if you're in the US. http://kbeevapor.com/ free shipping, good stock, and good pricing.


What TCR do you have it dialed in at?
And can you describe your builds?
...I think I'd like a .5 build


.00098 3mm micro coil I would think that at that id, somewhere around 6 wraps ought to get you there. Steam engine would be helpful for you.http://www.steam-engine.org/ Sorry, 26 g 316l SS


Thanks, I've got some tanks to build up tonight, I'll give that a try


A lot of posts to read through and i apologize if this has been discussed. Anyone have issue with TC on the eVic mini with twisted 316L? Running a .2ohm 316L single and it immediately hits Protection. Ive reset the coil setting and then locked it with no luck. Of course it works great in power mode.


Its funny you should ask that, maybe unrelated, but my new evic shit-the-bed the other day, firing by itself, buttons locking out, fire button not working.
...i was running 316L twisted sucessfully though.
It wont run ss temp mode now, it will how ever work in wattage mode.
Im gonna try and get it warrantied, but maybe i will try a few new builds on it first, with a very cautious eye.


Yikes, hope they fix it for you!


Dont know if it would help, but could you reload the updates and see if it would fix your problem.


Many of the issues with SS on the DNA 200 have been resolved with the latest firmware. All I run is SS316L on DNA 200 & DNA 75’s and love it. There are better wire’s for TC but SS is the least expensive and most readily available.

SS has a low TCR so, it’s taking the mod manufacturers awhile to perfect. Not quite there but Evolv has come a long way and I suspect, done a much better job than other manufacturers.

Don’t give up on SS, yet!


Yes, Evolv has made some serious advancements in their boards for SS. I got some 316L early on in my TC adventures, but after hearing from another ELR member who I trust, switched to Titanium…specifically 22ga. That’s what I love most. But recently I got a few SMOK TF-RTA G4s and rather than “try” to make a smaller gauge Ti wire work in a quad coil setup I went with what I knew would work resistance wise, and that’s 26ga SS. I wouldn’t vape dual 26ga SS but in a quad…it’s splendid!


I like titanium as well except for cleaning. With SS I just dry fire the gunk off when re-wicking. Can’t really do this with Ti. How are you handling this? Are you regularly rebuilding or?


Sorry for the late reply. I didn’t see this till now.

When I run my Ti builds for a long time. Between builds when cleaning is needed I’ll switch the mod to power mode and pulse fire using 40-50 watts or if they are really gunked I’ll drop the power to 20ish and hold fire, making sure not to get them glowing. This typically will burn off the carbon without developing much TiO2. Then I use a nylon brush attachment on my Dremel to clean off the burnt carbon. Last few times though, after dry burning I just used a toothbrush and toothpaste that is fairly abrasive. Works quite well. I think it was @boyhowdy who found a method for cleaning Ti using just wick and water. Perhaps someone can guide you to that thread. I couldn’t find it.


I use a method similar to @SthrnMixer. I use a small SS welding brush to clean when doing a re-wick but when it is starting to get a higher Ohm reading I use the wet burning method. @BoDarc came up with the wick and water method of cleaning , it is described along with others in this thread.