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Ratings on recipes are now public (in a way)


Interesting, potentially controversial new update :wink: When looking at a person on ELR (by clicking the username either in the recipe list or on a recipe), you will now find a “User’s ratings”-link. This will show you all public recipes that a user has rated, his rating and when it was rated.

This should be a good way to find out if you and someone else have similar taste.

Now there’s no way yet, to see who rated on a recipe, but that will come later…

Happy vaping!

Who rated the recipe? Now you can see it!

But, but, but then everybody will see I’ve been downrating their recipes cause I’m jealous :cold_sweat:


Hence the “controversial” part :laughing:


LOL, good point :slight_smile:

On a side note… If I rate below a 5 I typically add a comment to the recipe and let them know why. Would be nice if others did the same.


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