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Rayon or Cotton?


So it's occurred to met that since I started vaping I've been using organic Japanese cotton and haven't really expanded my horizons . I'm wondering who's out there wicking Rbas with rayon and why ? Also what's the best , where , best price ?

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My very 1st coil!

Talk to @daath, he using rayon......


I use rayon every once in a while. It's pretty good. Some say it's tasteless, but to me it needs to be broken in. Fortunately it only takes a few pulls. Working with it is a bit different than what you're used to.* You need to roll it and jam as much rayon in the coil as you can, without destroying it :wink:

To be honest I think I prefer my japanese cotton though :smile:

*) Unless you use this method, apparently


I almost exclusively use rayon, I find the very short breaking in period and cleaner flavour do it for me. if you decide to use it dont bother with tc though you have to ram your coils and nickel wont handle it unfortunately


Well, @MixedUp1, I can tell you, all of my Japanese cotton is about to be donated to the landfill! I've been watching and reading a few threads on the ECF about rayon wicking; you can read about it here:


And here:


There a hell of a lot to read between the two threads, but some really good info is included.

Now.... I've just started using rayon (about 2 weeks now), but I can say for a fact, that rayon provides a much, much cleaner, more fulfilling and tasty vape than Japanese cotton. I now understand why folks using rayon were saying, "I taste nothing but my juice! Damn!"......well, for me, it's true. Folks say it has a break in time.....meh, not much of one if any, I found. From the first time I wicked a tank and/or dripper with rayon and took that first hit, I was taken aback at how much flavor I was missing with Japanese cotton. Perhaps the Japanese cotton was skewing the flavor.....I don't know? But, if you haven't tried rayon, I suggest you do! You won't regret it. :+1:


I've used rayon - the cellucotton stuff - and it's pretty good. I still use japanese cotton though... :slightly_smiling: Perhaps I should give it one more chance...


I've been reading those ecf threads myself, for the last week and a half or so. Lots of info, and I'm leaning toward giving it a try.


i used cotton, all the different varieties, exclusively for the last coupla years...until just recently, last month, when i received a bag of cotton blend from FiberFreaks. after trying their cotton blend, i tried their original line, which is all cellulose, and from there, i've taken off...i am now on a constant search for non-cotton wicking materials.
i was recently sent a bag of rayon by a fellow forum member and i am enjoying what ive used so far.
i believe that slowly but surely i will omit cotton from my wicking repertoire altogether. i am completely open to suggestions, links, advice, or anything to help me along with my switch...
So @Kinnikinnick if you know any secrets, tips, tricks to help me along...or if you wanna share with me where you buy your rayon, i'm all ears!
thanks for listening...and helping, if you can


I bought a few things from Origin Vape a while back and saw they had rayon for sale in 3 ft. packs for $1. It's pretty much the same rayon that most folks use today. I figured after reading how much people liked it, I'd give it a try for a buck! 3 ft. will last anybody a good long while, unless your wicking atomizers for fun and profit in your community! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



It's cheap! $23 for 1200 ft on Amazon :stuck_out_tongue: You can get it in smaller quantities as well. Just go for the ones that are not "reinforced"...


So basically wick it tightly, more so than cotton, eh? A couple years back i bought a box, first experience was bad then i gave it to a friend that works at a salon. A reddit member sent me some, along with some candy and 304SS, so i figure ill give it another try.

I better not like it as i have 5 packs of Shiseido pads..


Yes, you cram a bit more rayon in the coil than you would cotton - Although I cram quite a bit of cotton in my coils, so I think it would be about the same (although rayon seems to have less mass, so a greater amount squishes together)...


Funny! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I found a post from a while ago that had "someone" talking about Rayon and it's possible use in tanks!

.....I never paid attention in school either! :pensive: If I had been a bit more curious about wicking back then (February '15), just think about all the flavorful vapes I could've vaped.


On a side note:

My wife just opened a bottle of one of her one a day type vitamin supplements to find a huge wad of pharmaceutical rayon at the top! Woot! It's probably enough to last me 3 months worth of rewicking!

So, check those Rx bottles! :+1:


I'm gonna order some . I need a change !


If you wait a couple of days, Origin Vape is about to get some black Griffins in stock :heart_eyes: You can get two thing you want! :wink:

vapingmorecheap code gets you 5%off...:grinning:

Add10 code gets you 5% off.... :grinning:

Seems like add 10 would get you 10 % off, but it doesn't, however, which one of these coupon codes would you like to use? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Black or SS in stock! :wink:


i'm still tryna find my happy place with rayon..more in how much to use specifically. i know i can continue the trial and error bit, but i dont wanna keep rewicking my tanks, especially after filling them up with juice! so, i ask, any pointers? tips? guidelines? how much FU*#*N rayon should i put in the damn coil?? lol...any help is appreciated...


What are the issues with your rayon experiences?


well, one of the first times i used it, i guess i didnt put enough in the coils(Billow v2) and the juice just travelled up my wicks and down the air holes under the coils...so now i am terrified it'll happen again and i am finding myself stuffing as much as possible...so now i'm worried about dry hits...i mean, i can really worry myself into NOT doing something correctly. so i just want something to go by...