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Rayon or Cotton?


I wanna use it in something else besides the Aromamizer...cuz, ya know, that thing cant leak!


Is the Aromamizer a leaking machine? I haven't kept up with the threads on this atomizer. :pensive:


Oh gosh no..it literally CANT leak


So my question is: for use in tanks, how much rayon? Like as much as possible?


Rayon is a bit tricky in the fact that you pluck off a bit more than you think you'll need off of the master coil of rayon. Now comes the process of feathering and compacting the rayon down to a roll which is a bit smaller than a #2 pencil. This should thread into your coil with a bit of resistance but not enough to distort the coil. Tug back and forth on the rayon once installed I your coil until it slides smoothly from side to side. Cut the wick ends so that once you juice up the tails, the wick ends lay at the top of the juice channel on whatever atomizer you are using; don't choke the juice channel with rayon.

I use a 40PG/60VG juice most of the time, so this may be why I don't have flow problems with rayon or any wicking material. And if you use enough rayon and seat those wick tails properly, you won't have flooding. :wink:


So I shouldn't twist the hell outta this stuff so as to fit more in there?
Thats the part I'm indecisive about...the rest I know about...thats the same no matter why material...


No twisting. The fibers/strands of rayon are loooooong; so, you basically want to just flatten or compact the fibers or strands before you thread them into the coil. Twisting the fibers would create a corkscrew effect with the strands of rayon, making it more difficult for the juice to flow to the coil. :wink:


Gotcha...thank ya, brother...ima get at it!


Unfortunately ..with the Canadian dollar being in the toilet ..it still amounts to about 50 some bucks with shipping


Sorry about that! :pensive:

I know how you feel. I've wanted to order many times from the UK, but the exchange rate is shit! :hankey:


I was just out running some errands, and stopped by a local Sally Beauty store. They had the 100% rayon Cellucotton in stock, so I snagged a box. The smallest box they had was 500 ft (yikes!) for $13.

Molotov Cocktails anyone?

I saw in the ecf Rayon thread, someone mentioned boiling it first. Is that necessary? I'm looking forward to giving the Rayon a whirl.


I just got a strand from the shop/friend and have yet to try it...I'm a lil cautious as I use tanks with air holes just under my builds.
From what I understand, you gotta pack it tight to where it just squeaks in, and you gotta wick it short.


That's pretty much the same info I've been reading. From some of the info I read, you pack it tighter, initially, because Rayon shrinks a bit, when it's wicked / wet. Cotton swells a bit. Not having first hand experience with it, I don't know how true that is, but it makes sense.

Like most things in this hobby, I guess you try it, and adjust up or down, to find what works best.



I never boiled the Cellucoton rayon and the majority of users don't.
@Whiterose0818 ,I do not roll the rayon as @Kinnikinnick mentioned in his wonderful description.I do however cut the wicks longer than needed.I then twist the very end just to help get the wick started.
I then of course trim to length and that cuts the twisted fibers off on the end.
I am still liking the rayon very much.On my Rda's and the Aromamizer I have started trimming the length of the wicks to just touch the top of the deck.I had a friend show me this and it seems to work well.
In my other tanks I trim the same as if using cotton.The difference is in the volume.The rayon having straight fibers and having a slicker texture allow much more to be inserted in the coils.I try to get the same tension feel with the rayon as I do when using cotton.A slight resistance but not enough to distort the coils.Tanks such as the Crius , I can't get all of the rayon stuffed in the deck behind the juice holes.I use a toothpick or tweezer to get all that I can in and I trim the rest just so it won't get in the way of threading the chimney over the base.I think the rayon has a better capillary action and that is what makes it wick so well.
I hope this explains how I use rayon and it works for the way I vape.I usually vape Ti @ .06 between 35-75 watts.Wicks are a Your Mileage May Vary type of thing for sure but I am very happy with the performance thus far.


First rayon wick installed and running. I'm only partly through the first tank, but I like it so far. I seems like all I'm tasting is the juice.

I was never really conscious of the cotton taste (excluding dry hits) before. I'm sitting here switching back & forth between cotton and rayon tanks (granted, different tanks & liquid) and although it's slight, the taste of the cotton seems noticeable. Psychosomatic? lol.

I hope it keeps working well, since I have enough to last a lifetime or two.


Yup! That's the way it was with me. :grinning: The difference is very noticeable. And a plus side is, rayon I way more forgiving of dry hits if you have one. :wink:


I'm sold. This is a definite improvement, in my book. Just finishing up the first Rayon tank from last night. Something else I'm enjoying is the consistency of the flavor. It tastes the same at the end of the tank, as it was in the beginning. Hopefully that will continue, moving forward.

I haven't tried a deck type of build with it, so I haven't had to experiment with the tails & juice wells. I used it on a rebuildable CLR coil. Pull it through, put the cap on the coil, and trim it close to the coil body. Probably used all of a half inch of wick.

All in all, this weekend has improved my vaping experience quite a bit. Switched from Kanthal to SS, and now the Rayon wick. Life is good!


Well now Ive just gotta try it on a Billow v2 or Goblin mini...but I think imma try it on my RDA first.
Thanks for the review


I've been using it(rayon) this last 2-3 weeks myself and I am VERY impressed. I've also been using FiberFreaks and very much enjoying it as well.
FiberFreaks have several varieties to choose from. I've been using their cellulose and their cotton/cellulose blends.
I Vape a lot, I mean a LOT. And I like that when I fill up my Aromamizers, the wick always looks the same. Clean, white or whitish and free of burns or scorch marks. And flavor is ALWAYS on point.


I just did a build on my Sub Tank Mini RBA. That RBA has always been so finicky about wicking with the cotton. Cover the holes too much and get dry hits. Open them up too much, and it floods, letting juice run down and out the air holes in the base. It was really difficult to find that wicking sweet spot.

Since the Rayon wicks the liquid better, I figured I'd cover the RBA holes a little tighter than I would with the cotton. So far, no dry hits at all, no gurgling or leaks from flooding. Just a damn tasty, smooth vape. I'll keep an eye open for the flooding and leaking with this first tank full. To be able to kill the dry hit & flooding issues at the same time, just by switching to Rayon, would be awesome.