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Rayon or Cotton?


This is kinda what ive been waiting to hear before wicking my Billows and Goblins.


Well, it's still early into the first tank, but the results are very positive so far. I'm sure you'll have to play with the amount of Rayon, vs what you used with cotton.

If I was to take a guess, and that's all it is... I probably used 30-40% more rayon, than I have been using with cotton, but YMMV.

Edit: I'm using 60 VG / 40 PG


Well, 3 days since switching to rayon, and nothing but positives to report.

Clean, cotton free taste, nothing but flavors. Wicks last a bit longer, and look cleaner when I do change them.

Nothing but :+1: from me. I'm loving it.


I tried it over the weekend on 2 different tanks, Bv2 and GMini.
First tank im pretty sure I used too much, tasted rayon right away, but this mellowed a bit after 1/2 a tank.
2nd tank I used less and tasted less up front.
But im not really digging it...kinda muted flavor and still a lil of that taste.
The one where I used too much was slighty singed and the other looked clean.
My results are from RTA'S and I hear the local rda guys are lovin it, so theres that.


I do know what you mean about the flavors being a little more subdued, with the rayon. They aren't as, and I'm looking for the right word... defined maybe? ..as with the cotton. I still taste the individual flavors, but they seem smoother to me. I like the absence of the cotton flavor though.

I haven't tasted the rayon itself (yet), but maybe my low power has something to do with it. 12 watts is my max, usually. I guess I have to sit at the vape kiddie table now..lol. I've never been able to handle drippers. They're just too potent for me. Maybe the rayon will make them a little more tolerable for me. I never even thought about that. I'll have to give it a try.


Thanks, sometimes I think its all in my head, especially when all others rave about it (such as with titanium)...but im pretty observant, especially since im always vaping on my all day vape.


Goblin Mini and Rayon kick the proverbial ass.......Try washing hands before working with it.....and rinse thoroughly.....Rayon can pick up oils from your skin and impart taste into your vape...........:slightly_smiling:


Okay, so ive got a question:
Is cellulose the SAME as rayon??


a textile fiber or fabric made from regenerated cellulose (viscose).


I really wasn't sure, so I looked on Wiki. This is part of what I found:

Cellulose is the most abundant organic polymer on Earth. Cellulose is an important structural component of the primary cell wall of green plants, many forms of algae and the oomycetes. Some species of bacteria secrete it to form biofilms.The cellulose content of cotton fiber is 90%, that of wood is 40–50% and that of dried hemp is approximately 57%. Cellulose is mainly used to produce paperboard and paper. Smaller quantities are converted into a wide variety of derivative products such as cellophane and rayon.

Fibers: Cellulose is the main ingredient of textiles made from cotton, linen, and other plant fibers. It can be turned into rayon, an important fiber that has been used for textiles since the beginning of the 20th century. Both cellophane and rayon are known as "regenerated cellulose fibers"; they are identical to cellulose in chemical structure and are usually made from dissolving pulp via viscose. A more recent and environmentally friendly method to produce a form of rayon is the Lyocell process.

There does appear to be a relationship between Cellulose, Cotton, & Rayon


So we are talking the same thing?
So if I used cellulose, I was using rayon?
Just being certain im on the same page and right topic.

Im gonna try this again with a different wick technique.


Yes sir, even though the two are sold with their own names...FiberFreaks has a cotton blend that is a cotton/cellulose blend


I think that rayon would be a more defined piece of cellulose


But after reading @d_fabes post im under the impression it is not the same, rayon is only part cellulose, just like cotton and cellophane...rayon is only part cellulose or a processed cellulose.
As in butter is made from milk, but butter and milk are clearly different...you cant put butter on cereal and expect the same results....and im figuring thats why I got a funny taste/experience in my rta. Ammi right?


Absolutely correct..I think you missed my last comment...a more defined cellulose. But you are right, and I taste it initially as well, but after a few hits, it goes away, for me at least. I taste cotton way more than I'd like to when I vape cotton, and it gets worse the longer my wick is in my coils


I have to rotate all my wick materials regularly, but this is my first kick with FiberFreaks and rayon and I don't think it will end, at least not any time soon...and I have a LOT of cotton wicking material and a lot of different brands of cotton....my latest purchase of cotton is that Kendo cotton...both regular and gold


I absolutely love what cellulose and rayon do for me!


Here's more info than you may want. I'm reading it as cellulose from wood & cotton (and other materials) is used to make rayon.


Scroll down to 'Producing Filaments' in the article. I think that is why the fibers in rayon are longer and straighter than cotton fibers, and one of the reasons it wicks, and transfers liquids well.

I'm sure no chemist or micro biologist, though.


Ive been kinda having a similar issue with cotton ever since I turned off temp control, and it pisses me off cause I had my wicking down before my temp control phase...so now im trying different techniques, and obviously different fibers.
I was given a sample of cellulose, but somehow was under the impression it was rayon (for whatever reason, I dont know exactly).

With cotton, I think ive figured out why my flavor has gotten worse the longer I vape a wick...and that I cut and tuck, instead now im cutting and feathering the ends, and then trimming little bits to fit my chimney better.
Like ive been vaping off a kinked hose for the last couple months, and cramming cotton in my coils(ala scottish roll) hasnt helped.
Its so strange how little things make a difference in either dirrection.
Whats even more strange, when I started making my own juice I was able to make a coil and wick set up last almost a month before I rewicked or rebuilt...then I went temp control and was gumming coils forcing me to dry burn daily(and rewick).
Back to watts mode, now I feel like ive had to take remedial wicking 101 just to get back where I was.

Imma give "rayon" a try real soon...and likely revisit this cellulose again too, right after I relearn cotton (dumbass me).


I made/make it a point to MASTER wicking...whatever wicking I use and whatever tank I use...I master it