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Rayon or Cotton?


I never got a dry hit or even a hint of dry hit before (unless I failed to notice my tank was emptying)...and I learned to wick on Orchids that were unforgiving bitches on ill wicking.
2-3 months on tc and now look at me, ugh!


I've only been vaping about 8 months, so I still have my training wheels on, but I've never been part of another hobby, or thing, that has advanced so quickly, in such a short time. This hobby has had so many advances in mods, coils, wicks, flavors & juices, etc. The afterburners have been lit.

I also think virtually all of us are passionate about vaping. When you combine that passion, with the rapid advancements, It's so easy to jump on, and get caught up in riding the wave.

Heck, just look at the Vape Mail thread...lol

I don't think there's anything dumb about revisiting things that worked for us in the past. If it works, it works!


3 1/2 years, for me, feels like 12...but imo, only in the last year have things advanced so well that only now I dont want a cigarette, they dont work as good! (...and their cloud game is weak!)


Hehe.....guess it does pay to shop locally on some occasions. A Sally Beauty store 5 min. away from me had one "damaged" box of 44060 cellucotton rayon left on the shelf today......$7 later (down from $14, due to cardboard being crushed in shipping), I'm walking out with 500' of wicking wonder goodness. Life is good!


Vape like a rock star!


thats awesome, brother! that'll last you a while. and your neighbor. and your wife, girlfriend, mom, kids, your 3rd grade teacher, the guy down at the bakery, your mailman and some random strangers at the bowling alley using gutter guards cause theyre not very good at bowling!


And you'll still have enough left over, for the latest in Rayon apparel!


Exactly what I was thinking about doing next Halloween for a costume! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have been using Rayon in my tanks and I am not packing it tightly as others have mentioned here. If anything I am packing it looser than I do my Cotton Bacon and it is wicking perfectly with all of my Ti builds. I have not had a dry hit or a leak since using it and I think I will be using it in all my tank builds from now on.


Sorry to get off topic, but the Mummy costume brings up a story I need to tell...
We made a Mummy costume for my ex-wife's son when he was 8 years old. We went to Walmart and got some fabric that looked to be an off-white and kind of old looking. Let the dog play with it in the back yard for a bit. Drug it around with the lawn mower. Ran over it a few times with the car. Then tore it into strips. I started at his feet wrapping and overlapping each layer. By the time he was wrapped I would say he had approximately 3 layers on him. He had dark clothing on under the wraps. At the end of each strip we tied it to the next strip. When the costume was finished it looked so good I wanted to bury him in a tomb.

So we go to the town's costume contest. Kaleb was with 8 other contestants his age. I taught him to drag one foot and he did so all the way up to the stage. They had to help him up the steps because of his apparent broken leg. The crowd just laughed. When up on stage they asked each kid a question. They asked Kaleb how old he was, and in his old dead Mummy impersonation he replied "I'm 8 million years old". The crowd roared. He took first place with ease.


Great story! :laughing:


Bumping this because the question came up about it in another thread. For @Volition on his RDAs and @tbt127 on the RTAs. Hope this helps.

With RDAs I’ve had it half a dozen different set ups and never had any dry hits but cutting it at a down angle seems to work best for me. Kind of like a mullet. Tuck the tails into your juice well and juice it up and you are good to go.

With RTAs I brush the tails out and cut off about 85% of the tail and lay it over the wick holes. The most difficult RTA I’ve had to wick is the Griffin but even using this method I haven’t had any leaks.

These pics are from another user on an another forum but I wick the Griffin exactly like this.

This pic shows about 15% of the wick cut off at the coil. I then trim the wick to the bottom of the wick ring.

The second pic is just the rayon laying over or slightly tucked behind the wick ring with a small indent.

If you overstuff the rayon or run it halfway down the channel you will choke off the wick and get dry hits.

Speaking of wick ring, on the TF-RTA G2 and the Griffin don’t bother taking it off. It’s a PITA to get back on with 4 tails sticking out.

On the OBS I trim the wick like I do on my RDAs and just fold the rayon under the coils and place it right over top of the wicking holes. I never stuff the rayon down into the wicking holes.


This has been coming up more often and I would agree with you while some won’t. I don’t think I’ve ever had a perfect wicking on a dual coil set up. But the less packed coil works as good as the tight packed coil. I don’t have any leaking or dry hits. Too little though may leave a space in the coil that seems to pop, not spit back, but quite a pop sometimes.


Thank you for all of the info…I would say that I have to agree because I wicked my TF-RTA G2 yesterday and I did make it tight inside the coils, you know like when you can put it in without destroying your coils, but it still can move back and forth through them with tension, and then I made the tail go just inside the wick ring, but it was pretty packed in there, so I juiced it up and took a few hits and it seemed okay, but then I filled my tank and all I could get were dry hits, so I am now rewicking and will do it the same way that I do it with cotton just use a tad bit more and see how I get along with that because like I said yesterday, when I used it exactly like I do cotton, they leak…thanks again for your help!!!


Sounds good.

I would trim the tails at least down to less than 50% but I have gone as low as 15% and you think in your mind that it’s going to leak but it won’t! It’s so great like that.

The G2 will be a little easier than the Griffin. Just pull your rayon through and fluff up the tails. Tuck about 15-25% behind the wick ring and then cut off the rest to the coil.

Hope that helps!


Worked like a charm! Perfect! Thank you!!!


Awesome! I’m glad it worked out. :slight_smile:


Hemp. You cannot choke a hemp build. It’s unpossible.


I have yet to try hemp. Will add it to my list of things I need to try out.

How comparable is to cotton and rayon as how much to use? Stuff it so dull you damage your coils or less is more type thing?


In my experience, as a wick it’s very forgiving. It’s so good it doesn’t matter if you underfill, it’s impossible to overfill. The lifetime is what I’m trying to get people to understand. It lasts months of continuous use. Your coils get crusty. And the flavor is like day 3 of rayon all that time. I don’t mean to whore myself around, but if your interested: