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Real Flavors - All Natural Flavors (Part II)


Here is Part II of our thread!

Real Flavors is a privately held and operated wholesale natural flavoring company that has been satisfying clients for over a decade. Real Flavors is an FDA certified laboratory capable of serving all types of industries from food and beverage to oral medications.

Based out of Troy, Michigan, USA we service companies worldwide with resellers in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Spain, Australia, and Canada. We specialize in custom flavor creation, flavor matching, CO2 extraction, and color blending.

Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors
VG based flavors

@JoJo I remembered to start a new one haha.


Or just to say thank you. :slight_smile:


Some people have been F5ing the site I see haha

The new promo is live lol


Yep! I just did a big order for my 2nd order…I’m impressed so far…now the long impatient waiting begins!


Memorial Day Weekend is here and the free bottle giveaway is back in action! This time we have 1000 bottles PER flavor!


Taffy Base
Cinnamon Roll

ALSO! Save 20% off EVERYTHING else in stock on the website!

Don’t wait! Once we sell out, this promo ends!



@Walt_RealFlavors, did Paczki change at all from Beta?

The link: http://www.realflavors.com/product-category/free-bottle/ 404s


LOL Walt Fail!

It actually did not change at all :stuck_out_tongue: @Ken_O_Where


Many thanks, ill hold off for now and try something new then. :slight_smile:


@Walt_RealFlavors Shipping method changes? I only saw UPS options.


We now use UPS for first class mail. Same price but better tracking and insurance :smiley:


I had no idea that there was such a thing. The UPS delivery person better be as hawt as our new mail lady! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, im sure you are quite busy.

Have a great weekend, Walt. :slight_smile:


Finally got in on this free promo. Thanks and I’m looking forward to trying RF flavorings for the first time. Have a great Memorial Weekend!


No problem!

UPS Mail works a bit weird. We ship all the First Class and Priority Mail to a central UPS hub, they then 2nd day air it to the post office for delivery. Half the time it would take for sure post… We just have to send out over 300 packages a day HAHA


Officially crashing the site btw…


Yeah, she was a bit slow when placing my order. The flavorings are worth a little bit of slow load times.

I told the folks over on the DIYorDIE discord chat to let them know. Its as far as my social media reach extends, hehe.


Sounds good. I am on the phone with AWS… They do not love me right now.

Emergency Upgrade Done…


Did you post the sale on the ELR Fbunk group?


No clue what that is @Ken_O_Where

HAHA right now I am trying to not start a fire with the server. Still getting hammered but not many people on… I broke it :slight_smile:


Getting a bunch of 503 errors @Walt_RealFlavors the sever must be getting slammed