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Real Flavors - All Natural Flavors (Part II)


The site is under a HUGE about of stress. I am trying to get things worked out.


Thanks @Walt_RealFlavors. Excellent start to the weekend!


How is the RF Bavarian cream?


Ya i like the bc it is a good solid cream - i do like to support it a little with a small amount of evil cream (diketone) lol


Sooo found our server error… Someone is DDOSing us…


asshats - man that shit pisses me off - hopefully it will stop or they can block soon @Walt_RealFlavors


Fucking douchebags it pisses me off as well and i do hope it doesn’t ruin it for you this weekend.



LOL It went boom. 100% down haha…

Trying to get it back quick but you may be getting errors. We keep ZERO customer info on the server… Not sure what the point of it is.


It took a while but it did take my order eventually.
Was almost nostalgic waiting for the pages to load while I went and did something else. Very much like dialup days. All that was missing was the hissing of the Modem.
BWAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa LOL


Thanks @Walt_RealFlavors apparently the Great Summer Giveaway is going to be a Great Success !
Great Products, Excellent Customer Service & Word of Mouth in the DIYing community goes a long way :slight_smile:


Looks like everything is back to normal haha. If you can call any of us normal here at Real Flavors.


Order’s in! Thanks for all you do. Really appreciate the free flavoring, and at the perfect time. I just ran out of taffy base!


Walt that just sucks man. I was going to make a joke about did this sale drive any new traffic to your website till I read you were under DDOS attack…what a bunch of fuckery! Well they didn’t stop me either. It may have taken a while but I picked up 2 of your three freebies and 15 new flaves to boot. Thanks for the gifts and the sale…much appreciated.


Well we are 48 with no issues haha. Oddly still about 500 of each flavor left O.O

So surprised ha! There are a lot of emails and messages I will personally try to get to today but looks like the sever is good to go!


Thanks for the sale Walt. I had to jump on board again. Though I need more flavors like I need a hole in my head :joy::joy::joy:. But as always, excited to try more RF flavors out. Thanks again :+1:


Woot! Glad everyone is getting in on the sale.

I am here in the office today working to get everything ready. We really do plan to try and get everything out Tuesday.

Just a heads up… Starting in Aug, we will be shipping UPS on Saturday o.O… As they roll this out more and more, expect packages being shipped Ground to be delivered on Saturday as well. Also for customers shipping UPS Innovations, our contract does have USPS delivering Sunday, and on minor holidays!


I got my 3 free bottles of Super concentrated flavors, and ordered a few special treats and got 20% off. You can’t beat this deal!!! Thank you real flavors!


@Walt_RealFlavors thanks for the free bottles and the sale! I cant wait to get my new flavors! I’m totally loving your flavors so far!


I’ve also been very impressed w/your flavors. The giveaways have been awesome. Gives me a chance to try some flavors that I never would have tried otherwise. Like the strawberry lemonade, I would have never bought that 1, but now when it runs out, I will be reordering it :joy::joy:


I dont see why we couldnt run some flavor sharing threads. I have sent out quite a few 10ml bottles in exchange for ones i didnt have.