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Real Flavors - All Natural Flavors (Part II)


Im always down for spreading the love. I’ve seen a thread or 2 of some starting to do just that


Hello all,

Long time lurker here, first time posting. Just wanted to pop in an say that I have read through all of the first post, and this one, and having enjoyed reading it all, decided to try Real Flavors.

Thank you to all for posting your successes, recommendations, etc.

I saw the post for the free bottle giveaway & 20% off on Friday morning, by that afternoon, my order was placed!

I ended up ordering 8 different flavors (including the free bottle of Cinnamon Roll).

I’ve only been into DIY for about 3-4 months now, so don’t have a huge selection of flavors, but if these are as good as everyone says, I think I have found my new flavor supplier!

P.S. - A VERY BIG thank you to Walt! Seeing your comments on here & seeing how active you were with this community made me want to order from you guys. Plus the discounts, giveaways, swag, etc. That is just awesome, and you deserve thanks for what you do.

I was also the one who emailed you earlier this week about including some dropper tops - thank you.

Now, if only UPS would update their freakin’ site so I can see the status of my package. I want to start mixing already! Having a 3 day weekend is great and all, but when that 3 day weekend delays your Real Flavor order, not so much LOL

Thanks again!


I really believe you are going to enjoy the Super Concentrate line from Real Flavors. Yes @Walt_RealFlavors being interactive here is a big incentive to continue spending money with RF :slight_smile: Oh’ And thanks for posting, now stop being a lurker :slight_smile:


lol, thanks.

no more lurking for me, i will definitely post more.

Nice profile pic - Bam Bam, one of my favs growing up!


Sorry about the delay with your first post. Sometimes the system holds first posts for approval, its an automatic thing.

Welcome. :slight_smile:


Well, looks like UPS finally updated, and my package is not expected to be delivered until Wed :disappointed:

Note to self: Do not use UPS Mail Innovations

I mean 1 week to deliver a couple of states away?! c’mon


Usually how it worked with USPS from there too, with both they shipped my items a couple hundred miles south and then back up to Wisconsin. A couple orders ago USPS sent it down to the middle of Indiana then up to Minneapolis and then back down to Kenosha. But in each case USPS gave a 5 day delivery time and it usually showed up in 2-3 days.

Their logic is mysterious!


ha! tell me about it, it’s almost like they try to make it inefficient on purpose. In reality i know it’ll probably be here before then, but the suspense is killing me lol

it shipped out on Wed so I was reeeaaallllly hoping it would be here by tmrrw, but next Wed!?:scream:


Thats what i am hoping for as well, supposed to rain tomorrow so it will be a perfect mixing day!


Now I REAAALLLLYYY want it here by tomorrow! :joy:



Leaving this here so I stop repeating it in my head. UPS Mail innovations is just as bad as surepost, and as expected my first order from RF using it cost more than the last USPS first class (same amount of flavors) and looks to be delivered 3-4 later than regular USPS first class (2-3 days max first class vs 6-7 as usual for these type of services). All this applies to DHL & Fedex similar services too, all three of these partnerships with USPS are terrible for a majority of customers (Just look to Newegg shipping time complaints for an example)

I’m sure this will save you some $$ Walt, and surely will also deliver to “some” customers quicker too. But, as a customer, I’d personally like to have the choice when checking out because for me USPS first class is cheaper and twice as fast.


Yes, I’ve had the same exact experience regarding USPS vs Mail Innovations/sure post. But if I remember correctly (from lurking so damn much) I think Walt said he has been changing around all the shipping stuff recently, right?
Maybe he can have the option to choose?
Idk, but some of us can’t even wait a few hours to try our mixes, you expect us to wait days just to receive the flavors?? unacceptable LMAO :joy:


I don’t know why they even bother with tracking. That goes for any service, especially the USPS.
I always get the notification that the package has left the origin facility and I think "great! It’ll be here soon!"
Then it goes into limbo until I see it in the mailbox, then get the notification that it is delivered… 2 days later, after it was delivered!
Their notifications should read:
6/1/17 06:00 "Package has left origin facility."
6/1/17 06:01 "we don’t have a freaking clue where it went."
6/30/17 23:59 "we’re still clueless, but we don’t really care, you’ll get it when we feel like looking for it."
7/14/17 09:00 "it was probably delivered a few days ago, but we couldn’t be bothered with updating the system, since you live just to left of nowhere."
Yeah, I get frustrated easily. The sad part is that most of it is caused by their gs-15’s and up (management types who attained their position by hanging on the longest). Most of the grunt force actually tries (most, but definitely not all.)


Yes, he mentioned he was getting better deals for lower prices to us and faster service, and I’m sure this may help some of his further away customers on both price and speed, but for those of us who know better and are closer it would be nice if we could choose which method we want to use.

I knew it would be slower the instant he mentioned it, so that was expected, but he said cheaper too and I thought nice maybe he worked out a good deal with them when others couldn’t. First order after the change cost $1.35 more to get here slower, that’s the part that bothered me more than the extended delivery I already knew would be caused by the change-over.


Was this last free giveaway the final one? I thought I heard Walt say something about it being the last, hoping I am incorrect though…


I don’t know about giveaways. But I know Real Flavors is doing an All Summer Promo. It appears to be specials right thru August.


Well, given how, for some reason, all of our packages wind up in Georgia (I live in Alabama, only because my wife loves it here.) I probably won’t receive the 2 orders I made until the actual date on the tracker. 7/7/17 & 7/9/17. Seriously, why send EVERYTHING I order there?! Especially when I literally live just 3 miles from one of FedEx’s distribution centers and just 20 miles from UPS’s, plus just 50 from the Birmingham USPS facility?!
I know it’s not the fault of the companies I order from, just the poor options for shipping we’re given by the big 3.
It’s feels like the same thing I go through for internet. The moon (yeah, it wasn’t a typo) had high speed Internet before I was able to get crappy satellite Internet.
I bet NASA paid a lot less for it, too.


Mine was shipped Tue and arrived Saturday.
All Single flavor mixers made at 3%
FT-2 is different then FT-1 but I couldn’t actually tell you why.
Got FT-1 in my latest clone attempt and at day 4 it’s closer then I’ve ever been.
Using Blueberry (SC)(RF) in it too and the 2 are doing good things.
It’s a Pale Vape imitation of the Original French Dude still but it’s in the correct ranges now. Needs more authority now. The Original is much Bolder in your face kind of flavor but I’m already at the high teens.


So jealous that you received your bottles, but I noticed on your pic that the bottles are individually sealed in plastic.

Is this a new thing? Either way I hope so cause that would definitely help with preventing any leaks!


Walt has made a few changes to both bottles and shipping-packing methods in the last few months with the hard shell bottles having the shrink wrapper.
I’ve gotten some soft side dripper style too.