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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


Thank you Walt. This was just the push I needed to finally give Real Flavors a try.


What did ya get?


Cherry SC
Grape SC
Orange SC
Raspberry SC
Watermelon SC
Bread Pudding SC
Pancakes SC

I’m looking forward to some testing next week.


I got the following:

Blue Razz
Butter Toffee
Swedish Gummy
Cinnamon Toast
Rice Krispy Treat

I cannot wait!!!


Are the Super Concentrates VG or PG based?





So when you add them to your stash do you list the carrier as other?


I can’t say, I have never added a new flavor to the recipe site or built a recipe with the elr calculator. I just add flavors to my stash, that others have added already, for finding recipe ideas to use in my diy juice calc. Someone else asked that recently in this or another thread so someone else will probably answer you before long. In my local calc software I add them as a flavor with pg=0 and vg=0.


Cool, thanks.


That’s how I did it and it seems close enough to work on weight.


My customer service people are getting some serious hate.

Coupon code SAMPLESC has expired. The coupon was good until Sunday or 1000 bottles were sold on the website. We kept it alive as long as we could. We ended up selling over 5000.


Why are they getting hate? :flushed:


cuz people dont read the fine print


And because of people like me who accidentally or other had FedEx marked for shipping ($14.00) vs the usps. So kind of them to fix it.


We do our best :smiley:

I am super behind but I am trying to get caught up. We have everyone working this weekend but are still about 700 orders behind.


Well. You can tell your customers I said your folks could have the day off and stop wine’ing. Lol.

As long fingers crossed the concentrates make it to me by Friday next week I’ll be super happy. That way I can mix up 6 tester and 6 mixes.

I’m most excited by rice crispy treat. I’ll do a single flavor. Just wondering about the percent and thinking of building just a simple full treat mix with mallo FA, fresh cream FA joy FA and 1 drop of Ap


I tested my Rice Krispy Treat at 2%, which is the median used in mixes on the recipe side. The only mix I have tested with it is this one I adapted from @Pugs1970 which turned out quite nice:

White mice rice (RFSC)
1.50% Rice Krispy Treat (Real Flavors)
0.90% White Chocolate (Real Flavors)
0.70% Cream (Real Flavors)
0.50% Caramel Original DX (TFA)
0.50% Marshmallow (Real Flavors)

Replace DX Caramel with RF later

  • 21Jan - flavor is a bit light, not sure if I should try upping total, lowering total or keep about same but lower rice krispy and increase the others
  • 04Feb - pretty damn tasty, need to mix more
  • caramel is pretty much non-existent, i think I should just remove it from the recipe until I get RF SC Caramel
    07March mixed with 7 other testers from dec/jan


I have everything on the way to make this except I will be using the RF SC caramel. Do you happen to have any suggestions on what percent to try?


I don’t have that flavor yet, check the recipe side and I am sure you will find some notes or suggestions. That flavor will be in my next larger order I place some day.


As it is just a caramel hint i would start at about .1 to .15