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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


Yes, I agree. You could also try using the @CosmicTruth calculator to convert it like I did from the overall percentage down to your desired total (I go for around 3.5% in an all RF SC recipe) - http://www.e-liquid-scripts.com/cosmiccalc


I updated all my shares that it expired and shipping delays. If they bother to read the entire thing. It said until Sunday or 1000 bottles, and you continued it until 5000 bottles. Ungrateful people, I understand disappointment if someone missed out, but not anger and taking it out on the vendor. I’m sorry, tell the CS people that us ELR peeps love them and thank you for all your hard work, and the free flavors :wink:


Thanks everyone!

Just a quick shipment update, the first 300 orders are out. We are trying to stick as firm as we can to our 1-2 business day shipping policy. Some of us are working over night :slight_smile:


Guess my 3 orders were within the first 300 that were ordered… I had gotten the notification earlier today they had been shipped.


Me too!!!

Huh. Incomplete sentence warning. Golly.


You’re a prince! Take a few days off when you get a chance, you’ve all certainly earned it. :heart:


By morning we should be at about order 600 of the promo. About a third done.


Thanks again for this special and also for going behind the scenes during the shipping issues I (and others) were having to ensure things worked out properly… it is appreciated.


My first order from you guys! I only took advantage of one coupon use and threw in another flavor. Thanks again! This is my first post here.


Welcome to the funhouse :grin: Good to have you here :+1::blush:


LOL Check your sanity at the door!


If i didnt have to drive through Shitago to get there id come over and help out.


I have to drive through Shitago next weekend. Meh


Woot! Only 200 orders have not shipped as of yet. The rest should ship Monday, and the last few may take till Tuesday morning.

Ps… if your shipment says prescanned or some crap about pending pick up, that is because the mail person lost our scan sheets and refused to scan each package -.- lol


lol, one of my 3 orders has tracking info so far and I don’t think I was in the last 200 orders but either way thanks again and can’t wait to get these new flavors. I already have 20+ more flavors in my cart to order. once I decide to buy them I will email cindi my order so I can do a will call and will try and schedule it when you are in the office to say hi.



I never said anything, Cindi left us and is no longer at RF… Ha, that means you are stuck with me!


oh snap, guess i can archive this email. will email you directly when I need a will [walt] call, lol. If you need a replacement for Cindi check my resume I sent you. :grinning:


Wow, you guys must have worked all weekend. And I’m sure the postman is very upset with you :wink:

Thank you for everything again!!!


Hahaha, Saturday I showed up with a cargo van full!


Side note… I am sure most people here in the US know about the old Cole/Bishop bill from last year but since that did not work, Congressman Bishop has started a new bill this year and it is already gaining ground.

Well anyways… your very own Walt will be having breakfast in the morning with the congressman to discuss this new bill and for me to give him views from my side.

I love vaping and I think it is important for somone from the flavoring side to take part in these bills. I will update everyone once I am done but it should be a nice meeting (2 hours!).