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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


It is 0600 and I am in suit… This breaks every rule I have :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing like dropping packages off in a suit to USPS haha :smile:


LOL. Have a good meeting and good luck getting the congressman to understand how vaping has saved lives, and gotten me away from a 30 year smoking habit, while both my parents died from cancer due to smoking! I’m rooting for you and us!!!


Frickin’ mail person. :laughing:

Pics or it didn’t happen. :wink:

I’m guessing the meeting is over by now, hope it went well!


Ok just saying… If you send me an email like this when you get free bottles and we are still in our standard shipping window… I will cancel and remove the order lol

Good Morning. I placed a order with you guys last week. I am excited about trying some new flavors, vendor. Im very dissapoimted with how slow your processing time is. I ordered last week and am just now receiving a email that mu order has been processed. I hope your flavors are better than your processing times. I will be leaving negative reviews on your website and multipe social media accounts that habe been pushing your flavors with coupon codes. I am giving you the opportunity to make this right before I do that. Best Regards, James XXXX

Because he was so nice… My reply. (I am posting this just to be safe if someone says something bad about us, you have the full story :smiley: )

Hi James,

Order 8XXX was placed on Thursday, March 9th at 8:17 am. Per our standard shipping window of 1-2 business day, your package at the latest was scheduled to ship today, which it did do.

I will not be threatened with negative reviews and be told I need to make something right when our company did nothing wrong. Furthermore, I find your email insulting and degrading. I have called over to my loading dock and they are now searching for your order. I will have it canceled and refunded to you.

I wish you the best of luck with other “faster” companies and ask that you do not place an order with us again.

AND to finish… Here is a pic of me in a suit from today’s meeting. HAHA


I would have just replied with a big FU… guess that’s why I’m not a business guy :slight_smile: Some people are just spoiled dicks, plain and simple. BTW… the ears compliment the suit very nicely lol :grinning:


Right… LOL I was like… ummm Happy Easter haha


Only 150 orders remain. These are mostly international, or complex orders we did not have stock made up for ( aka the people who ordered 3 vg blends instead :stuck_out_tongue: )

Anyone concerned about shipping times, we are going as fast as we can and may end up 1 day behind our normal shipping time frame. Sorry about that.


I have an order due to arrive but I’m in no hurry. That guy was a real ass complaining like that, You handled it very tactfully.


Love it!!!:laughing:


I was just glad Walt extended the party long enough so I could get on board. Toss my order in the last to go if it’ll help the shipping department and get to it as you can. Done enough of both ends on shipping when I sold auto parts… You Want it WHEN ??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahahaha Loved quoting air freight prices for cast iron parts. Ohh slow ox cart will be fine after all ? LOL


My…what cute ears you have :wink:

I can’t believe some people. I really hope he like living in his alternate reality. I really hope they found his package before it shipped!


Oh Taylor found it haha. :stuck_out_tongue:


Golly. Did he know you were going to be wearing a tie today? Lol.

Well…sadly people sometimes are just people and love to complain. Sometimes people think they can just piss and moan tryouts by to get something free.

All I know is this was a wonderful deal you offered. When I saw it I was like super ill order on Saturday. Then I thought to myself 1000bottles???i better order now. I did and the processing was as fast as it normally was. If you had stopped at 1000 I’m sure all your processing would be on point same day as always (within reason). But no, you did 4000? 5000? Yeah there is going to be a delay of small proportions. Hell. Monday isn’t even over yet.

So I :poop::duck: at James. Lol. Poop quack. Lol.


Order arrived safe and sound. Thanks for such a great offer Walt Wabbit :rabbit:


Good for you!

I wish I could say it is surprising but so many people nowadays feel so entitled. It’s free flavoring dammit, what else does this guy want, you to personally deliver it and mix his e-juice too?

Thank you as well for meeting with the Congressman, very happy to have someone like you representing the vaping community.

Getting my orders probably tomorrow if USPS keeps with there estimated date, that is super quick…thank you!


GOOD FOR YOU well done



Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:
I tried to keep my cool but mostly wanted everyone here to see how it happen when he post it to all his “social media.”


As was i but mine has, umm, less cloth…


Hey Walt,

I know you’re a busy man and I don’t want to burden you but do you think that the order listed as processing is an error and actually shipped? Just seems strange that the first order placed would go out after the other two.


Here you go.