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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


It was just 3 SC Flavors.


Mine did that too. First 2 shipped on Friday. 3rd just shipped today.


We ran out of some items, more than likely third order had something that had to be bottled and was not premade. No worries it is coming


All 3 of mine showed “waiting for pickup” then showed up in Memphis with nothing in between so apparently USPS scanning wasn’t very accurate.


Cool, I just wanted to make sure. Thanks again for all of your support on this forum. It speaks volumes about you and Real Flavors.


This almost makes me tempted to reactive my FB so if he does leave any bad reviews I can join in the fun as all of us gang up on him. :imp:


My orders are due in tomorrow… appears they departed KC a couple hours ago.


That was due to half of Michigan not having power for 5 days haha… go go generators!


If you are on the east coast I would imagine a tiny delay. Weather is supposed to be just wonderful.


Yep mine are due for delivery tomorrow. Guess we will see how good the mail mans 4x4 Jeep works. Just started snowing about a half hour ago here.

@Walt_RealFlavors Early testing here on the Fried Oreo is just WOW :+1:


Mind you I am not bitching in the slightest here. Thanks for the good sale.


Hey Walt I ordered Friday while my new boss was talking to me cause I was trying to make a free sample cut off time I saw on your site. Lol. So, of course, rushing like that, I missed a couple of the main things I went there for. I know no company has ever let me add on to or change any orders ever. But I see it hasn’t processed yet. I did try to contact twice friday night to no avail. Creme brulee and yumberry are two I missed, while I accidentally ordered 2 black raspberries. If this can be fixed, awesome. If not, totally understandable, completely my own stupid fault. Thanks.


Ok, so just started reading through thread. You’ve had some serious stress, nevermind my little nuisance, lol. The blizzard just started here


If any of you win one of the $100 certificates please let us know. It would be so cool if it’s someone from our family :slight_smile:


Sorry, I would try and change it but I am not sure which warehouse has your order. It should be in Troy but you never know. There will be a coupon code in the order. Maybe that can help?


I know the order numbers :stuck_out_tongue:
Not the person… Or who to link them too.


Hey man, thanks a lot Walt, don’t worry about it. Coolllll…


I’m not trying to ask if one of those numbers were mine or not… but just remember… I love you more than the other people here… lol


I can tell you that someone won in the group… I think. So hard to know haha.


@Walt_RealFlavors any comment as to why the Toasted Blend SC is so thick?