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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


The toasted blend is a pain, and it is pure VG, no alcohol at all. Something with the wood makes it the Viscosity all weird. I will ask my QC guy why it does and find out what he says. Oddly it is usually very close to VG but once it gets cold one time… it likes to stay thick.


Hopefully it’s my shipment that went out in FedEx instead of usps. Oddly enough I received my usps boxes yesturday. FedEx will be late this week? Maybe a gift card is in that box? Since the change request was unable to be processed?


I honest don’t know. After all these orders and directing 3 warehouses I needed a break and may have escaped the office.

All the orders are out and I am sitting at my cabin with a bottle of Crown Royal Apple and a TV remote close by.

Mini vacation till Friday haha. Taylor is running the whole company! She gets to play CEO haha!


Very nice. I think you deserve it. Did you arrive via hamster wheel.


Haha, snowmobile lol…

Where the heck was all this snow the last 4 months !?


My USPS arrived this afternoon and I got some initial testing done. 5 of 6 were excellent at 20 to 1 water sampling. The last was Wild Cherry. BEWARE !! LOL just the open bottle filled the room with the INTENSE smell of WILD CHERRIES !! 20-1 was still a real nose full and could overpower very easily.
Baked Bread :+1:
Fried Chicken :+1:
Chocolate :+1:
Lime :+1:
Rhubarb :+1: A bit on this, I’m not normally a huge fan of Rhubarb but this smells downright intriguing. It’s not what I expected at all and I picked it up on the spur of the moment to play in the flavor of the month. It’s not my grandmothers Very Tart Rhubarb at all but much more like my wife’s Sweet Rhubarb Pie filling. I may actually need to work on my Rhubarb skills and rather then it laying unused except for a single mix it could find it’s way into a range of fun things.


You and your people are much appreciated Walt. Thank you for a great offer and excuse to finally try this brand. I’m looking forward to it!


Still waiting due to weather. Gotta love mother nature. Well hopefully soon.


So, the SC Cola is thick sludge, this means lots of flavoring there I assume! :smiley: The juice was still black after mixing at 1-1.5% too :worried:

Has anyone else tried it, if yes how did you withdraw the flavoring and feel secure that it was still mixed up properly as you drew it out?

I tried to make a 10ml test sample at 1%, probably more like 1.5% and of course used a glass syringe. But, I found tons of flavoring sludge immediately stuck to the outside and inside of the needle. And my sink was coated with sprayed black flavoring dots too as I rinsed out the syringe.

Being it’s that thick, how do you know it’s safely mixed as you get out flavoring to mix into juice?

It sticks and coats everything too, you can’t tell if it’s separated or not, you just have to shake and hope :slight_smile: :dizzy_face:


From the notes section that @MysticRose posted. After reading it just wondering if you shook the bottle of flavor concentrate before drawing it out with a syringe.

Cola Extract:

Mixed at 1.5% SF 30/70 PG/VG using SG of 1.05 g/ml

Warning on this one. It separates extremely fast. Shake well and shake often and right before measuring. Even when trying to pull 1 ml up in a syringe to weigh it for gravity, I had to cap and shake again between every syringe full. Even though there was less than a minute in between drawing each syringe. It would weigh at 1.04g, then .79g. Then I’d shake and it would go back up to 1.05. Many times. When trying to weight for gravity, I usually draw three 1ml syringes and use the number that comes up most, usually 2 of 3 times. This one I had to weight like 8 times and shake between each one before I got the same number a few times, so please go by your own SG on this one. And shake immediately before using. Also when putting it into the pg and vg in the flask, the flavoring stayed suspended in little black bubbles by themselves, they didn’t dissolve. I was worried that it would keep separating after mixing. No worries, it blended fine with the frother, and seemed to stay blended after mixing. And it’s very black. Like blended with the black rubber in the syringes so made it hard to see black. However, it didn’t stain the syringes like I thought it would, but with longer exposure it might. I’m also not sure if that will affect how quickly your coils gunk either.

At a 3 day steep: This is a very good strength at 1% at 3 days. It’s nice and sweet. And I absolutely hate it! Which is good for you, as I hate Coke. I have been a Diet Pepsi person my entire life. I can’t even drink regular soda as to me it tastes like pure sugar. This tastes exactly like regular Coke. Not Pepsi, and we all know there is a difference. It is not effervescent, as that means fizzy and bubbly. And obviously it can’t be that as it contains no carbonation. However, it doesn’t have that overly sweet flat taste either. So it tastes like the real thing, just without the tingles. My husband loves it. He likes Coke. He wants me to make him a bottle of rum and coke, and vanilla coke, and cherry coke, and maybe lime coke. And he says maybe cherry vanilla coke. Which I will happily do as long as I don’t have to vape it. I will not be updating this at a 4 week steep, blech. I will leave that to the other testers that actually like coke and let them talk about how a longer steep changes the strength/flavor.

Preferred single flavor mix: 1.0%


Thanks! Yes, I read that before ordering the flavor.

I shook and shook and shook, before and during mixing :laughing:

It’s so black you can’t even see it in the bottle, to try and see if it’s separated or not. It stains the bottle brown as soon as you shake it, which is already semi-brown by default due to the flavoring being in there. Sludge sticking to the syringe is what really surprised me :astonished:

I considered making a diluted amount for mixing with, but seeing the finished juice at 1% is just as dark, I doubt a diluted flavoring solution would be any help.


No, I don’t think a dilution will help on this one. It’s just difficult to work with. You gotta be fast with shaking straight to measuring, and it was extremely difficult with syringes because of the color. I mix by weight and it’s much much easier that way. I only used the syringe for measuring weight as it was new with no msds at the time.

Just another reason mixing but weight is better :wink:


Thanks, I didn’t think a dilution would be all that helpful anyway due to the darkness. I can’t even see through a 1% mixed final liquid, so cutting the flavor directly for better handling probably would have zero positive effect.

I think this flavor needs a different carrier, or stronger version of the current carrier. But seeing how dark 1% is, this may not be an enjoyable flavor for me anyway due to surely gunking up coils and ruining flavor very quickly. I’ll have to test it out more and see how it acts, but I can’t see how it wouldn’t be a coil gunking mess (that’s too bad too, it smells great!)


@Walt_RealFlavors, If Paczki doesnt make the cut please please let me know, ill buy whats left.


They were already sold out on the site, I don’t think they have any left…lol. I will have to mix some up tonight. How long did you let it steep for?


9 days so far, ill test it at 2 weeks.

I havent tried it on its own yet but i have in a couple recipes. Ill test the single soon but i couldnt wait to mix with it after a finger test.

Mixed this tonight.


Yes, I can confirm what MysticRose said. They are sold out of Paczki, I just tried to order some also :no_mouth:


I did too, me sad, so sad:


I wonder if it was a one time thing or if they are gonna make more. @Walt_RealFlavors


I see this one being released but wtf do i know, hehe. Im just being hopeful.