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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


http://www.realflavors.com/shop/paczki-super-concentrate-beta-lab/ shows 7 in stock for me @Ken_O_Where @Saxon2


Odd, it is working now for me too.


Holy Crap! There it is. I swear it wasn’t there earlier, when I placed my **FIRST ** order. Thanks @woftam for letting me know


SF @ 2.5% is great after even a short steep. It should be really good at 3.5%. :wink:

added this to my faves to adapt later when I have a larger variety of RF SC flavors.[quote=“Ken_O_Where, post:2168, topic:51199”]
I see this one being released

I got the impression they would all most likely be released eventually assuming feedback on the betas was good.


Hey folks! I just got back in to town and will be getting caught up shortly. I can confirm that 4-6 beta flavors will be turned in to normal flavors over the next few weeks :smiley:


Would Butterfinger happen be one of those confirmed?
I missed my chance to get a bottle, all swiped up during the sale before I got there. :cry:


Yes :stuck_out_tongue:


Great, can’t wait to place another order, thanks for quick confirming on this I’ll save $$ and wait :grin:


@Walt_RealFlavors Hope you time away was relaxing!


Coco spiced rum, butter finger, paczki, fried oreo, blue pastry, and fried twinkie? Please!? These were definitely my favorite!


Welcome Back Walt


All of those but the spiced rum… not yet.


My staff unearthed 200 tumblers haha. Who wants one? Now only if my pens got here.


The kewl green one?


I would like to have one


I do please!!! :grinning:


Blue pastry? What is this deliciousness you speak of?


I DO I DO!! Pick me pick me !!


I would love one too please :slight_smile:


Ohh Ohh If your passing out. :slight_smile: