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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


I just saw this on Facebook…

Should I freeze my flavors?


As the owner of a flavoring company. Please do not freeze flavors. I have no clue where this started. Refrigerate sure, but never freeze. You risk the flavor breaking down. Ask your supplier if you are worried but I personally have seen what happens when flavors are in the freezer too long.

Cool, dark place. No warmer than 65 Degrees Fahrenheit is the best. Refrigeration is ok but I tell my customers to never go below 35-40 Fahrenheit.

Anyone who bought from us last year during the deep freeze can agree with this. Cheesecake, and creams will break down faster than others but flavors “break” and items will start to fall out.

Keeping concentrates fresh

Put 2 drops of SC Wild Cherry in 8 ounces of water and it was detectable. It’s by far and away the strongest of the 6 flavors I just received. Just the open bottle will flood the room with smell.


Thanks for the heads up! Now I see why I missed it before, it’s VG based and didn’t look through those very much due to mainly wanting SC flavorings. Will Sherbet be a SC soon too, same Q for Blue Moon?


MysticRose, did you review the PB cookie anywhere? Love me some PB cookies, hopefully Walt does change it over to SC, then I’ll probably be picking up a bottle once it’s SC ready


ALL VG BLENDS… will be in SC by weeks end (now hides)


Awesome Walt, thanks! :+1: That’s the way it should be :smiley:

But, I do bet some of the lesser experienced mixers crowd might enjoy having the VG option too for easier mixing.

Might have to take a poll on a few sites and see what feedback says. Or wait and see if the VG based sales immediately drop off the map :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes. All my reviews are on the flavor wiki on reddit, and on the flavor listing themselves in the elr database. I use it for my PB Cookie Custard!! Here it is though so you don’t have to search. Just click the rectangular notes button about middle of the page and they all open up :slight_smile:


Good thing…you don’t want to know what I would have done to you if you took away my cinnamon custard and PB Cookie :muscle:


So, got my order, thanks. The black raspberry is delicious!
Fyi…there was no coupon code like you said there would be, but that’s not a problem as i understand the prices recently dropped significantly. However, as I explained in my unanswered emails, the reason I rushed through my order and made mistakes was because I was trying to complete the order by noon because the site said “free sample offer ends at noon” or something similar.
Welp, no free samples in my order. Tbh , I didn’t even know what that was about when I saw it advertised on the site but I assumed it meant maybe free beta flavors or samples of unreleased flavors? Were there samples, did other people get them, what’s the deal?
So, no coupons, no samples, no answers from emails, a redundancy in flavors (My fault for rushing to get a nonexistent sample), and a pretty penny spent. I don’t know man, not a great overall transaction on my side of things.


Did you use the promo code that was given? It should have deducted the $13.90 (the cost of 2 bottles of SC) and just left shipping cost. The set of 2 bottles was the free sample. Maybe it had already expired and didn’t take off the money?


The coupon code that was posted took the price of two Super Concentrate flavors off your order. That was the free sample, you just had to pay shipping if you used the coupon code. There were no other extra samples in my order, just the free samples that were advertised with the coupon code.


The coupon code that came with my recent orders is SAVE10 or you can use the long-standing code ELR10 for 10% off your next order(s).


I had the VG Bread Pudding last year but am all out of it do be able to do a true test. I just tested the SC Bread Pudding v1 at 2.5% after a 3 day steep and like it a lot (better than the v2 for sure, which has steeped closer to 2 weeks now). I can’t say if it is identical to the VG but it is quite good and I expect it will be even better after a few more weeks steeping. If that assumption holds true I am sure I will end up mixing a big batch at 3.5% down the road.


Thank you MysticRose! I’m still new to how all this site works, and the search still messes with me (Ctrl+F I mean)


OK phew. I got caught up on emails. Now for PMs. Sorry folks, I am only one man haha. I see I have 19 PMs, soooo give me a bit ha.


lol, might be time to delegate forum support to someone else? The owners of the company I work for never do basic forum support, that is why they hired me and others. :smiley:

p.s. There are other forums out there with threads about your products that I post in to try and promote your products but they don’t seem to be nearly as popular yet over there as they are here for some reason.


Thanks! I need to try and get someone else on here but I enjoy it too much ha.


I’ll bet those are from flavor groupies wanting swag lol :sunglasses:


I assumed that was part of it as well since you are also a vaper and participate in some of the off topic stuff here. I am the same way on one of my work related forums. I spend far more time there off the clock on my personal forum account than I do using the company account to answer support questions.


I knew you all would be inundating the poor man. We are such a needy bunch :slight_smile: