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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


lol 17 flavors coming out over the next week or so PLUS more betas o.O


PLUS all the Super concentrates haha

GG nap time! hahaha


How can I collect the set if you keep making more? lmao

Is there a biscotti in there Walt?

Do you ever sleep?


LOL @woftam Always moving. I am always working over here. Sleep is for the weak!

Biscotti is in the works as a beta I promise :smiley:

(Goes back to jamming in the lab to “The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis) HAHA


We can all jam and watch Walt now… (ya need to get a webcam going in that lab…)


Can you tell me where you got those green dripper caps? Thanks!


Shhh! The babies are sleeping in the prep room! haha Here is a live look of the items that were unloaded at the warehouse from our office in OH.

(removed photo… Secret secret!)


We were giving them out and bought them on close our from a bottling company. Not sure if they are made anymore. @wvsanta may have a new connection.


Here is the place I ordered them


Here is a screen shot from there site. Looks like they have almost 50,000 in stock as of tonight.


Dying to give your flavorings a try will be placing an order soon


just curious about hip syrups. what are they and when will this nectar of the gods be available?


Be sure to sign up on our site for an account! You WANT to be on our newsletter list hehe… All the latest and best news comes to those folks first.


I hired a whole new department that is still working on those. We are hoping by late spring.


I was going to let this go :scream:

Then I got to this one :rage:

I’ve asked you (I don’t know how many times now) to stop teasing :weary:

And after threatening me with the loss of my PB Cookie and Cinnamon Custard :rage:

Better start being a little nicer before you start loosing customers or I send you 50 PM’s with requests for swag!!!

Ahem, I mean you really think giving away 5000 free bottles of flavoring will make me forgive that kind of teasing?

Fine…grumble, mumble. See how many mood swings I went through in one post? I think I deserve a reward :joy:


FINE… I promise you get the first new sample pack when it comes out… It has ALL the new flavors in one pack :smiley:


Also… RIP to Bahama Breeze…

LOL it only sold 2 bottles in 4 months… I think it can go in the trash can.


@Walt_RealFlavors I have a quick question - with the demise of the vg line will you be converting the combo flavors (eg strawberry / kiwi) to the sc line? If it is not a trade secret can you please drop me the ratio of sb to kiwi and the ratio of sb to peach (I have the seperate flavors just hoping to save some time experimenting).

Sadly no yorker caps arrived in my last RF care package :cry:


Yes sir. I worked SUPER hard all weekend and actually finished formulas to move everything over. :smiley:

Be sure to ask. I am trying to add it as an addon item you can select at purchase but it is not done yet.


thank you sir. I’m looking forward to them


Woooo Hoooooo! Finally something positive happened from menopause…lol. First sample pack, if you add your signature and a fan to it then I can really rub it in everyone’s faces and counteract the hot flashes…mwahahaha!