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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


And a pen dont forget your pen lol


Lol…I got the pen on my last order. I’m hoping he will have a cup for the next one. So he needs to hurry and get the rice pudding released, cause I am all over that! I am seriously considering piffing a LOT of my TFA and CAP flavors I had bought to start with. Other than a maybe 20 favorites, they are just going to waste. I’m too busy with these newer and better flavors.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have some staples, but probably have 50-70 that are collecting dust. Another of those lessons, don’t order everything on the first order…learn what you like first.


Ya I am the same mainly using RF have a bunch that I am not using at all - same as clothes if you don’'t use it offten enough it can go to goodwill. Some of the flavors I have are not even good enough for goodwill (maraschino cherry looking at you). Once I run out of storage room I am going to compile a list and either ditch em or give em away.


I promise the new flavor sample pack will be out Wednesday. I just need to get stock. It will include the final versions of all the beta flavors, and a group of new ones that skipped beta testing.

All the beta flavors are going to end up going live, the 2 series was tweaked a lot based on feedback.


Should add… I am having some custom flavor stands for people to organize their Real Flavors :slight_smile:

Should hold 50


Fantastic. Thanks!


@MysticRose & @woftam I have been going through everything i have and moving the majority off the shelf. Ever since the first order of SCs arrived at my door. Im going to try to around 150 flavorings total and have been wanting/waiting to do this for a long time and i have finally found the products to move forward with. The majority of my wishlist items are now the SCs and a couple of things i cant vape without.

Yesterday someone said that it is difficult to mix something not vapable with these and i totally agree. Im damn near fanboi status here…


Hey, does this work for manopause too?


Yup that was me and yes I am getting a bit fanboi too :grinning:


Bo and i were just talking about the flavors in chat, @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit too.


Hey Mr Moderator :wink: @Ken_O_Where

Can you please change the black raspberry (sc) real flavors to capitals please, and add the brackets around “Real Flavors”? Even when I enter it in my stash correctly, it keeps throwing all the lowercase letters and it’s driving my OCD CRAZY!!!


LOL, sure thing. I meant to do it yesterday but my mind went completely numb after awhile. More concentration than i have used in a LONG time.


Thank you thank you!!! I will be able to stop cringing :slight_smile:


Happy to help and its done. BTW, it smells amazing, thank you!


Yvw…haven’t tried it yet, but won’t be long!


I couldnt wait for the tester to cure for Shortbread Cookie so ill probably have to change this a bit but the early finger tests was pretty good.

It is a complete redo with newer and better flavorings. I was thinking a dash of cardamom may help a bit but i havent mixed a V2 yet.



Hello Good Sir,

If I could take a moment of your time to request Cooked Pear (SC) be considered for release. The VG was truly one of the most wonderful flavorings I have ever vaped. I will take up no more of your time so you have an abundance with which to consider my request.

Devoted Fanboi,

-Ken O’Where


I am planning to do the same and will likely only keep my tobacco, menthol and the few things I have nearly full bottles of that I haven’t order yet in RF SC (like peanut butter, butterscotch, pistachio, etc).

good to hear. Mine haven’t steeped very long yet but so far I prefer the v1’s of the ones I have tried.


OK Phew! Still working on a few site upgrades today before I send out this week’s ad.

Updated Paypal to be faster at check out, cache upgrades, and some minor bugs fixed. (payments not working and shipping issue).

ALSO :smiley:

I am working on a deal to get shipping WAY cheaper internationally. Could be a little as $25 to the UK for a 3lb package! (Before it was like $60)


So nothing on the Butterscotch issue?