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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


WAY different. It is a whole new direction. VERY true to the taste. More than any other ever.


Mostly cake but there is frosting as well, just not a crazy amount.

It was very small. just a dash if you will lol

I say I move to you! LOL I have a whole team over there I can bunk with them ha.


well you sold me thank you lol


Got another order placed, with Walt’s help.
Thanks Walt :+1:


This flavor may be sold to a milk producer… So when you see fruity milk on the market… You know where it came from ha.


You’re selling this flavor to a cow? :laughing:



I <3 Google for that one haha


PS… Do you live in the Metro Detroit Area? Want to work at Real Flavors? We are hiring for our new office on the 36th floor of a major skyscraper! (Sales :p)

Office with a view!


Didn’t @Lolly say she would move over to the US and you to avoid shipping costs: Maybe she wanna have that job :wink:
If i would be in the US and that area i would jump on it.


And does the company cover relocation expenses? :wink:


good question :thumbsup:


@Walt_RealFlavors says he’ll come to meeee :grin::joy:

I’m too much of a homely creature to move anywhere in reality - and I’d miss all the rain and cloud in England :laughing:


He will have a hard time moving that skyscraper to england :laughing:
Who would ever miss rain and clouds and fog and whatnot.


It would look hilarious in my little town, bless :laughing:

Although you wouldn’t necessarily see above the 10th floor because of said clouds :wink::laughing:


I drug myself out of bed just to see if there was a sale today, me sick… Thanks much, Walt. I posted it to twitless. Pretty sure i wont even remember buying them…

I couldnt have been more wrong about the flavors in Paczki, eh? I thought it was a strawberry/raspberry mix…


Get well soon :+1::slight_smile:


Did you see Walts comment on the site at the rice pudding?
This is from RF’s site: Yes, there is officially a rice pudding flavor. (Now Ken will leave me alone!)
:laughing: :laughing:


@Walt_RealFlavors I have a breakfast super concentrate sampler in my cart and it won’t let me delete it! Lol! I hit the wrong button and added it. I already have that sample pack (don’t need another yet).


LMAO !!! Hey juice were you using an iPhone when you placed your order?


Feel better Ken, lol did you see the note about you on Rice Pudding ha?