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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


There is an issue with the length of the name pushing the delete button off the screen on iPhones and a few androids. I am working on fixing it but you may need to clear your cache on your phone (delete cookies)


Thanks I got it working now. It’s weird because I was having the same results on my home based computer (DELL). I got it to work now and I am working on my order :wink:


Sign me up for THAT one. :slight_smile:


Hmmmm, something fishy going on around this while Rice Puddin thing…


@Walt_RealFlavors what size threads are on the 1oz. RF SC bottles ??


20/400 but they are too thick to squeeze. Good quality bottles that don’t leak, but too heavy duty for dripping. I bought some smaller squeezable PET bottles and transfered for mixing by weight.


Ordered 12 new flavors. 10 of them were the new ones i believe. Got the RF SC rhubarb coming at last. Based on previous experiences with RFs more delicate fruit flavors im betting it is strong AF going to start at 0.25% and go from there. Skipped the Pazcki after disapountment with FA WOW. Do however have RF SC Rice pudding on route @Ken_O_Where lol


I’m sure someone has asked this already, but will you be coming out with cinnamon custard SC anytime soon? that and the original bread pudding are my favorite flavors. thanks


I too, have to vote for mixing by weight…


I totally agree with you on this and most people are not going to like them for drip tops. However I have been able use drip tops on mine and have found after using them 2 or 3 times they get much easier squeeze. That being said I will add that it takes a strong hand or even 2 to squeeze them for the first couple uses.

On the positive side with the new bottles there have been zero leaks in the last 4 shipments I have received. Previously every order I received had at least 1 bottle that had some minor leaking issues.


Walt, how long until everything is switched over to SC? I’m wanting to get in on this sale weekend so I can grab the new butter crisp candy bar, but just found your Samoa cookie :joy: and it stopped me dead in my tracks! But it’s only VG currently.

Will the current 15% off new sale end before everything is ready in SC?


I am sure that will be a long/slow process and this sale will end before that happens.


Thanks, I assumed so too :disappointed:

I know he mentioned happening soon a week or so back, but couldn’t remember if it sounded like it would be in a week or two, or months.

I’ll have to wait and order the Samoa next time then, I see reports of needing 20% or more for light flavor with the VG version. Hope the SC will be nice and strong! :+1:


Yes, me too. I did not care for the VG version of the Samoa.


Hopefully the SC will be along shortly!

Since you are one that didn’t like the VG version, and that was due to strength correct? Do you think the SC version will be a worthy flavor?


I mixed my VG at 20% and got barely any flavor. I think I ended up mixing it with some other batches that had more flavor to make it vapeable so I didn’t waste the nic/juice. It sounds like it should be a good flavor in theory if the strength of the SC is better but only time and testing will prove if that is the case.


Working on trying to get everything ready so we can go only to SC. It takes a bit to get stock of everything.


Thanks, I did think your mention of 20% was one I read but wasn’t sure. Hopefully the SC will come through with a stronger flavor profile! Maybe Walt can tell us about the SC of Somoa vs the VG? Is it decent flavor amount at 3-5%?


Thanks for the update on this Walt! Any guesstimate on how long it may take, week or 2-3, or a month or three?


I am meeting with my staff on Thursday to finalize our plans. Once that meeting is over, I will know more.