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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


Well with RF SC Carrot cake on route me thinks i just had an idea. I just found an untested flavor and mixed it up. Its delicious. Italian cream by Hangsen. This flavor just screams add me to carrot cake.


Ah crap, I JUST placed my mega order at RF, I don’t know how I missed the carrot cake !!!


Yes, me too. I’m thinking 2% LA CCI with just a .1% of RF Cream Cheese and 1% Purilum Butter Cream. Yummy!!!


Just a heads up. We will be doing inventory late this week and next. It may cause some delays in orders.

More info soon.


Reason for the inventory is to do the change over more to SC


Does this mean there is going to be a clearance sale of your current vg ingredients? I ask this because it may mean that since you don’t (or won’t) require the pure vg that you had made those ingredients with… you may be looking at purging your inventory of the vast quantities of vg you have on hand also…?



I thought about it but too many people still order VG on the wholesale end. NOW once they are done… I have no problem selling it at my cost to you :stuck_out_tongue:


Either that or start selling vg along with your current products, so as not to totally not having it for your wholesale companies/people.


they do sell VG on ebay


We are going to start listing VG and PDO on the website soon.

New here asking newbie questions

Congrats to who ever was order 10000 on our website. They got a cool $1,000 gift card :open_mouth:


How would anyone know if they were order 10000?
I never look at, much less memorize my order number :laughing:
Crap, never mind. I just looked up my account on the website. My last order … I wasn’t even close to the 10000 mark :confused:


OMG…Wow! Congrats to whoever won it…so jelly! And Congrats on your 10,000th order @Walt_RealFlavors and here’s hoping for 100,000’s more! Thank you for all you do for us and being a part of our quirky group :kissing_heart:


Thank you so much! I love it here :smiley:



I have something special planned for Easter btw :smiley:

Mystery Eggs :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats @Walt_RealFlavors so wish that was me that won - I only need $111 (inc shipping) to get the full set of sc (well bar about 5 which don’t really appeal to my taste) they are sitting in my cart waiting for the cheap dhl to kick in .

But with all the vg getting converted I guess I will have to pony up again :laughing:

I hope I am around for the 100,000 order your company really deserves good things. Please be assured when it starts to approach 100000 I will be ordering single bottles every hour in the hopes of a $10k gift card. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Just a heads up!

New! DHL Express Flat Rate! Any package 3lbs or less, anywhere in the world in 1-3 business days! Only $25

Should make for some VERY happy people! (it may show two rates, the normal and the flat rate one)


Website update:

Patch 1.3 Release Notes:
Updated DHL to show Flat Rate Boxes ($25 under 3lb anywhere in the world)
Updated FedEx to show Fedex Overnight, and 2nd Day air correctly
Updated FedEx to include the fuel charge
Added Instore pick up option for customers
Added the ability to now use your own shipping service (FedEx, UPS, or DHL only)
Added a new CDN for faster service on the website
Added a new wholesale tier for distributors who hit the $25,000 mark (20% off wholesale prices)
Added new payment options: Terms, and Wire Transfer (Wholesale customers must be approved first)
Separated VG and SC flavors
VG Flavors are now considered Legacy, this means that customers will slowly be forced to buy only from resellers.
New advertising page for resellers. All resellers need to have a leaderboard ad on this page or it will only show as a text link.
More SC flavors are listed on the site. All Flavors A-G are done now with the rest coming this weekend.
New banner images releasing in the morning with the spring update on graphics.

Goals for 1.3.1 (Next minor update)
SDS (US/EU), and COA files on each product page
Basic QC results on the product page


I will just leave this here lmao


How much did it save you compared to normal DHL?

I really like the idea of these flat rate boxes from them.