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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


Sorry, he’s only got 1 in a size 2X and he’s saving it for me :wink:


I hope this doesn’t mean you will be stopping the sale of ingredients via your site, and we will have to go thru other means to get them.


LOL I am out of jackets, all the employees claimed them haha. I need something fun like those to give away. Totally open to ideas!


Only VG Flavors in 1oz and 4oz will slowly move over.


dude, wait, what? Guess you gotta finally see my ugly mug next time I place an order.

I see Aged Bourbon Cream… ZOMG. The race is on between @woftam and I to see who can have the whole sc line on hand first!!! :+1:

Super Concentrate (165)

This will soon pass

VG Based (209)

which is going to be expensive for me :frowning:


We did it just for you haha. There will be lockers set up at the main office and we will email you a code you can use to get in to it, or if you come during hours it will be at the front desk. Cool new way of doing it.


Should be 220 by the AM



I accept cash :slight_smile:


I placed my order the day before, and still got it here very fast.


The works of minions and magic will never end at Real Flavors. Did it come via owl?


Yes, a very FAST one. :slight_smile:


And the next sale will be easter!? Lol! I’m gonna start filling my cart now!


I still think flavor trays would be cool.


I have Alba Plastics working on it in Troy :smiley:


I will be expecting one in my next will call pick up order. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you need someone to Beta test them… /wink


New promos items!

We have stuffed animals, watches, and lanyards on their way here!


Will we be able to order them or … ??
When will they be there do. You know yet?


Too early to know. I will know more once they confirm the order and give me a ship date. I was just too excited to not tell everyone haha.