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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


Thanks for letting us know @Walt_RealFlavors


Woooooo Hoooooo!

Thank you for thinking of all us beggars :wink:

I don’t mind paying for stuff I want either, that stuff is not cheap. You should put them on the website when they come in so we can buy which items we want! And more of those cups! The cool green ones with the straw! I’ve been wanting one of those for awhile!


I think you already lost that race my friend :wink:


Saved me about $54 usd :grinning:


Holy S*&% nice!


Here is what the shipping looks like with one flav the usps would change but the others don’t the usps will also take about 14 days to hit my hands dhl is about to 5 -7 depending on customs.


Wow that is amazing. Glad it works.

I promise I bitch at these companies for weeks trying to work out deals for everyone. I know shipping is one of this things we all HATE paying for.


I think it has accounted for about 1/4 of what i have spent with you - I could add it up but i don’t wanna know lol


Ok I lied. Since i mentioned it i had to find out.
34% of the total of my RF orders is shipping - makes me sad that I cant have that in flavors but hey I live where i live :grinning:


yes, agreed. he has a big lead and I need to try to force myself to stop buying for a few months.


But there is an army of these coming this week…

And this…

And this…

Oh and these cute little buggers with our logo on them…

Oh and you can’t forget to come back for your shipments to be stuffed with…

Yes… I know I am evil haha


PS… Hint to the Easter Sale maybe?!


Uh oh…the tease is back! Maybe I will just have to order 1 flavor a day so I can get multiple easter eggs and candy :wink:

Everyday I will get a new easter box…mwahahahahaha

BTW, who won the $1000 GC? I’m assuming no one from our forum or I probably would have heard about it.


There was a $1000 gc? I would donate everything I have to someone on here if I could immediately switch to an all RF SC flavor lineup. I am dreaming of the extra space I will have as I slowly deplete my other flavors.

Shouldn’t this thread be left to be archived in favor of the SC flavor thread?


Yes, his 10,000th order. You haven’t been reading all the posts…shame shame! What, you think you get to have a life, like you’re special or somethin’ :upside_down:


Their first name was Richard, that is all I remember.

No one won a $100 gift card from that last giveway on here either. Weird…

Next sale there will be over 250 prizes… Ranging from $5 gift cards, to $500 gift card :smiley:
Also some eggs will have cash in them o.O

Yes those are allllll $1 bills ha


oh snap, so much for me not ordering for a few months…



Easter is the one I have the most fun with every year. No clue why… I like bunnies I guess


Ok, that’s it. It’s official. No doubt about it, Walt loves to tease! It’s a scret addiction of his. I’m like that…love surprising people, although my surprises don’t contain expensive stuff like cash and chicks :wink:

I do use candy though…great bribery to get someone to interact during meetings. Nothing like candy bars flying through the air to keep employees involved :wink: