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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


I would never tease! ((Lifts my skirt a bit to show off more hairy leg))

HAHA. Should start Thursday this week btw.


What?.. Walt’s giving away chicks?



ahhh… I was getting excited :slight_smile:


Oh, and 55 gallons of Black Label Vanilla @Walt_RealFlavors - I can’t imagine how many vanilla beans you went through :open_mouth:


I knew that comment would bring out the shadow lurkers, ie stalkers :wink:


BTW @Walt_RealFlavors…I’m going on a cruise to the Caribbeans for my 10 year Anniversary on December 10th. I would really really like you to get those green insulated cups in for purchase before then please. Have to take insulated cups to use anyway and would rather buy yours.

And just think of all those 5000 other passengers that get to look at the four of us walking around with our eye catching bright green cups.

Hey, we could all go on the cruise and have the Real Flavors #1 Fans meeting there rather than Vegas ehh
@fidalgo_vapes :interrobang:


And all the new sc’s will be on the site by then?


Take me :smiley: Also I will keep some nice swag for you. Promise!

If that stupid bug gets fixed tonight I will turn the rest live :smiley:


This came up today and I thought it would be best to post my reply… Even if the new COA section is not live as of yet… It is coming I swear.

The shelf life of a flavor will vary widely. It is best to follow this guide. To find the exact date of manufacture, please refer to your lot number and our COA guide found on our website.

Super Concentrates have a shelf life of 12-18 months (60F° to 72F°) and up to 4 years if refrigerated. Never freeze flavors, this will cause some separation, and the flavor may “break” causing you never to get them to mix again.

Be sure to store all flavors in a cool, dark place away from sources of direct sunlight heat and flame; pigments in the flavor (from the natural extracts) tend to fade or discolor over time when exposed to sunlight. This fading is normal and is to be expected. Flavor bottles can explode in temperatures inside the container reach above 150F° from evaporation. For long-term storage, refrigerate, and then allowing the flavor to return to room temperature before opening or using the flavor.


time to get a flavor fridge like @woftam


LOL or… just use them up and buy more haha


I see a lot of people use these. The glass has a UV coating and you can get them for $90 bucks around Christmas time.


Excellent advice - found that if opened straight after removing from the fridge you get a little pressure release that makes you smell like whatever you are mixing as a few drops land on your clothes. TBH I don’t mind smelling like coconut spiced rum - my wife says i smell like a distillery which allows me to drink whenever i please and blame the flavours lol.


now that would be epic , but if Vegas was to expensive how is everyone going to pull off a cruise lol , btw happy early anniversary


this is a wine fridge which is expensive but i got it from a friend they are great ive been using a fridge for over a year now ever since i lost a bunch of flaves from being too hot


i love that little fridge though and ill need a second one soon or a bigger one ugh too many flaves and now you change the VG to SC smh lol


What? Black label Frech vanilla RF SC is back in stock?


Soon Walt has 55 gal brewing and it will be ready soon.


Hopefully with a big batch the price comes down slightly…