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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


All VG to SC flavors are live.

3 flavors will not be sold as SC because they are the holiday only flavors and Peppermint is a pain to extract this time of year…

Candy Cane
Peppermint Mocha
Peppermint Bark


I had candy cane SC in my cart for a week and then it disappeared. Now I know, lol. I did get the VG version of it though because I need a candy cane flavor.



<<<<<mumbling feverishly to herself, you will be a good girl.You will be a good girl. Get off his website…NOW!!!


Well, there goes my vape budget. Peppermint is one I was going to get too but it can wait until my winter order I guess, lol.


I’ve got more then $50 in my cart and it won’t let me add a stuffed animal without charging me. I already added the Beaver tail and it’s free.


It has to be $50 after the egghunt discount, does the discount drop it below $50?


Sadly i have to pass this time, @Walt_RealFlavors, i just have too many flavors that i have yet to try and the two i want im unsure if i can vape as i couldnt vape the VGs, which may have been my fault. Im testing Cinn Custard and Bread Pudding again at lower %'s to see if i made a booboo but the testing wont be done for weeks.


Shared on ECF https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/threads/lurkers-friends-family-flybys-come-on-in.763287/page-1062#post-19442895

ALso shared on FB


Just add notes to the order :slight_smile:


You are done… GAME OVER, FLAWLESS VICTORY GOES TO @Walt_RealFlavors.


Stay strong! I have opened the site, added to cart and closed it 4 times now…

I still need to figure out what i need to get rid of before i get more.


Yep, I’ve got a cart loaded too. Isn’t it silly. I’m so far behind it will be at least 3-4 months before I finish testing all my current flavors, and still get tempted. It really is an addiction. I have done well though. I’ve only ordered 4-6 flavors in last couple months, and still not caught up. July 4th sale will be here before I am ready again :slight_smile:


Going through all my flavorings for the 3rd time has been a real eye opener. It is baffling, i know i shouldnt yet i want to more than anything… What magnificent and odd creatures we are!

I want that beavers tail so %*#!$ bad even tho i am consciously aware that i probably wont vape it regularly…


Right…Exactly that. Then I might as well put enough in the cart to get it free…and then down that yellow brick road I go…lol


I tried to justify the purchase by telling myself that i need to see if the Paczki released is the same as what i have. Im not sure how i am managing to do it but so far i have held off, but Sunday is almost a year away…


Just keep reminding yourself of the fact that every time you buy some because it’s on sale…you notice when you order some from the next sale the last ones are still sitting their untested and usually unopened other than the smell test.

I have lost the time to make new recipes, mix and vape old favorites because of all the new stuff. I’m going to slow down and spread out the fun. I miss mixing and creating, and it’s mostly been testing new stuff for the last 4-5 months. I’mma let all you do the testing and watch your comments, will cut down on my effort required…mwahahahahaha!


Yes I’m on my phone trying to do it on the run! I just put my order in and it was around $55 after discount. I just put it in the notes :smile: i had to get that ice cream and few other new ones to try…I’m so bad. I still have probably 20 flavors for RF that I need to test already!

I totally understand getting burnt out vaping solo flavors and not having time to “play” with flavors. I’ve really learned a lot though from single testing a bunch of flavors. It really helps in the creation process!


Loading the cart now Walt.


Put in my Easter order, thanks for the great sale and Happy Easter to you and your staff Walt! :+1:

Very excited to try the Orange Candy Burst, along with Butterscotch+Toffee, Butter Crisp Candy Bar and DF Spongecake. Couldn’t fit the DF Cookies & Cream into the budget this time, but it’s carted up for next order along with Cucumber too!

Anyone have updated thoughts on the SC Cucumber?

Bummed out on the VG Peppermint Bark, even at 15% + 1 month+ steep not much flavor at all (peppermint or white chocolate) and was hoping to see this in SC. I caught your comments on that Walt, it’s too bad, will have to wait till this winter to try again hopefully the SC will be much better

@ Subscribe to email!! I think maybe I’ve done this 3-4 times now, each time confirming the email (Which is a pain and my main issue with this)! I have never received any emails other than order related, and never see anything shown in “Subscriptions” in my account, this is where we should be able to check/uncheck to subscribe. Having to do it (check to subscribe) on every single order, or uncheck and unsubscribe (?) each order, makes it all very confusing and I don’t think I ever get subscribed anyway ha!

@Walt, can you have your web devs look into changing how all that works so it’s more streamlined (ie not tied to order submission, or at least not once subscribed, and/or let us manage in our account as well)

Thanks again and Happy Easter to you all!


I cant wait. these even look delicious on paper.