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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


That looks like Bust a Nut is in your further plans to mix. Good choice.


yeah. i cant wait. never tried it yet. i was planning to order the flavors for the original and then i seen alisa just posted the rf version and i like that it uses marshmallow instead of sucralose. …she released it just in time for the easter sale too!


LOOOOOOTSSSS of replies are due from me and I promise to get to those here soon. Sorry, as you can picture… It is getting a bit crazy over here.


Couple updates. On the reviews, it will now show the first name and the first letter of your last name. If you leave the field blank, it will come up Anonymous instead.

Also, I am in the process of doing a write up for each type of base to talk about how they different and give you more of an idea on usage.

Lastly, once that write up is done, we will lock this thread and move to a new one with a better title. JoJo says we talk too much and it got too big HAHAHA <3


Heads up UK/Europe peoples - looks like rainbow vapes is now stocking the full line of SC’s :+1:


Bigger bottles as well?


Oooh - don’t think so. Can’t see sb milkshake either :cry:


I know that i want some of the flavors in bigger bottles while others is ok as 10ml.
Would be nice to get the possibility to make that choice.


He prob will if the 10ml’s take off (I hope he does anyway). I need the sb milkshake in my life!


@Walt_RealFlavors thanks.


They sure are. He will be getting bigger bottles soon. It was a test to see if they would sell first.


Please make James buy the sb milkshake Walt :grin::laughing::+1:


He did last week :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I talked to him and he is adding 50ml and 100ml bottles too


Good news @Walt_RealFlavors, thanks.


Did I tell you already that I love you? :heart_eyes:


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Lol! I wanna like this about 1000 times!


50ml and 100ml now available :+1: Still waiting for the sb milkshake :cry:


If there was ever more of a reason to stalk one of my locations…


The winners from the Easter contest will be announced in the AM :slight_smile: