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Easter contest? Did I enter?


I had thought the “winners” were going to get the winnings in the Easter eggs that were in the orders, lol… that was why I whined (okay I’m just a whiner but I was using the ol’ egg excuse…)


I scrolled up, I did enter. Woot!


Ohhh… that was the post the link to enter… ahhh


Shh… Also this weekend…

We are doing the free bottle giveaway where you only have to pay shipping :smiley:

Real Flavors Super Concentrates Tasting Notes (Part 1)

Also… Beaver Tail is going back into the file cabinet for now…

The replacement free bottle will be Blueberry Lemonade Slushie!

Light and refreshing homemade lemonade flavored with fresh blueberries pair perfectly for a great summertime beverage! We wanted this recipe to be super light but still very flavorful. Also, there is just a slight cooling effect added to flavor to give it a CRAZY refreshing finish. This one screams summer and is a great way to kick off our “Summer tastes better with Real Flavors” promotion!


I’m loving the art on all your sale/promo posters…very nice!

BTW…just cause I’m a whiner…did it have to be blueberry lemonade? I don’t like blueberry…you could have picked blackberry, raspberry, yumberry, boysenberry, strawberry. But no…you just gotta be unique :wink:



Holy hell! Just when I thought I had all the flavors I needed for the next year at least, @Alisa releases her RF version of Bust-a-Nut, I’m reminded by recent glowing reviews that I wanted to try the Strawberry Milkshake and my son asks me why I didn’t get any lemonade flavors but no…I can be strong and wait. I can wait until fall to order more. FAT CHANCE! :confounded:

You’re an enabler @Walt_RealFlavors! We love you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Here it is! The free bottle giveaway is back in action! This time you can pick up to 3 free flavors in this week’s promo!

Lemon Cookie
Strawberry Lemonade
and Tropical Punch

Click here to order quick before they run out (this time we are keeping a true stock) :laughing:

ALSO! 4 flavors are on sale for the next week! Check that out here

PLUS more free promo items are in!
PLUS the limited edition Blueberry Lemonade Slushie is free on orders over $25!
PLUS new dripper twist caps are in and you can now add them to your cart for free too!

Phew that is a lot! Remember the more orders and exposure we get, the more times we can do this! Be sure to share this with everyone one you know!


PS… Facebook and ELR get the early access… Technically it starts tmrw :smiley:


Order completed… I think I was the first…


Cant find them on the site @Walt_RealFlavors are they there yet?

Oh and who won the gift cards I can’t seem to find it?


ya the SC strawberry milkshake is superb i used SF @ 3pct and for me it was great , i could see it being used a bit lower or higher for others with different taste if you like strawberry vapes this needs to be in your stash


Cool! Order placed. Thanks Walt!


That’s on the way! Thanks Fidalgo for the recommendation.


I’m really confused about how this works.

This is like before where we could get ANY three flavors and only pay shipping? Or are we only able to get the Lemon Cookie, Strawberry Lemonade and Tropical Punch?

Is there a secret code? Will that qualify us for getting the Blueberry Lemonade Slushie or is that only with an additional 25$ purchase?

I’d love to have one of each 200+ flavors eventually but I only vape about 10-15 mils a day. I’m trying to be realistic here with what I can reasonably vape in my lifetime, lol.

OH! And anyone who likes dark sweet fruity vapes should absolutely get Sangria, it’s FABULOUS!


It looks like the 3 flavors you listed are your choice. Also ordered the sangria on your recommendation a few days ago…I think it was you. Anyway it’s on the way!


Just the three flavors here: http://www.realflavors.com/product-category/free-bottle/

No code needed. It adds to your cart as $0, so I doubt it qualifies towards getting the Blueberry Lemonade Slushie. But if you add $25 of other flavors I’m sure that will count toward the $25 to get the free Blueberry Lemonade Slushie.


Thanks! I really want the SB Milkshake and my son wants some kind of lemonade but I have ideas for making a lemony drink with what I have. I may have to control myself this time around, lol.


This has become an ADV for me and has been a big hit at work. Great lemonade flavor.