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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


The strawberry lemonade is one of the free ones for your son?

The only one I would use is the Lemonade Cookie, so I’m probably going to refrain on this one also. Still debating…lol.


ditto, I don’t want any of those flavors… will wait for the next sale(s) and save my pennies

and @Walt_RealFlavors thanks for the sale even though none of these tickle my fancy. good idea on the changing sale items I think, good way to keep everyone hounding this thread, your facebook, site, etc.


Where are they please? I can’t find them.


@TheTinMan1 That looks delish but I don’t have any of those yet.

@MysticRose I know, that’s why I still very tempted. I may call him and tell him he’ll have to pay me to get it since I normally don’t like a straight up lemonade. I sometimes like a bit of lemon in tea though so yeah, still debating, lol.


Did this ever happen? Who won?


@MysticRose @Walt_RealFlavors

Somebody said NEW dripper twist tops ??? !!!


how much for 70 of them if I am not ordering flavors lol


Awesome! Thanks Walt. Grabbed the 3 Free and a bottle of Butter Crisp Candy Bar.


Got my order in. Grabbed a few extra goodies too. Thank you @Walt_RealFlavors. And please crack that barrel of Black Label Vanilla open and let me order enough for a few recipes :smiley: I have a couple recipes I really need to mix but I am not wanting to buy any more MF vanilla. And my supply of juice that I like vaping is running low. If it comes down to it @Ken_O_Where and I already have plans in the works to heist that drum and keep it for ourselves! We just need a wheel man.


in, I am 20 miles from their base of operations


We are going to add packs of 5 for $1 or as a free gift

The emails went out, if they do not reply by Monday, we are redrawing.

Thanks, We really like this idea and I LOVE working with marketing to do graphics :smiley:

The free bottle offer will come and go all summer long.

And to think I made you a blackberry lemonade haha… (ps it is still on my desk hahaha)


I got this…


You can come visit me when the new mixing mats come in on Tuesday :smiley:


More like…


LMAO, LordVapor, I’m dying :laughing:


I am still working on it lol. I added some road kill

Ok, I am done


I cant even right now :laughing:


Thanx @Walt_RealFlavors as now since I’m new at all this, I went ahead and made an account with RF and also ordered an extra Cherry Limeade SC too. Not sure how to get the swag without ordering a bunch but hopefully I’ll get there. Order #11412.


i didnt get the email so can you resend ty :wink:


FULL RANGE now available at Rainbow Vapes :grin: