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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


Ok, since it’s official and early access is over, I shared on that other forum. They will be sold out in no time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

EDIT: And posted on that other forum as well. Normally @Fozzy71 takes care of that one. You all right Fozzy? Hope nothings wrong :slight_smile:


i posted it on the other other forum.


Got mine as I had a few items in my cart already. First one loaded takes you to the swag page and a chance to load up another free flavor or swag Lanyard-Pen Ect. So it worked out to 4 free flavors for the shipping I would have paid anyhow.


See that is what I love to hear… I tell everyone, I can never have investors… We give away the farm over here haha


I promised myself I would not do it… But we gave away 750 bottles already and sold out… So I just added a 2nd round of 750… They are going to hurt me in production…


Oh I made an order this AM …hope I got in under the wire!


I must have missed it :slight_smile: Glad to know you are ok!


Mixing mats ??


@Walt_RealFlavors I hope that pic you submitted a day or so ago wasn’t a picture of the “mixing mat” … (this post is a sly attempt of ya giving us a glimpse of one…)


I have not even finished the design yet lol

We bought the printing machine and it will be here on Tuesday… Why not just buy the damn machine so I can make them on the fly hahaha :smiley:


Ohhhhhh I see… that was just a tease… lol
Well if your GD (Graphic Designer) is the same one that is making up your teaser posters like the last one you did, I’m sure they will be a pleasant addition to your products.
I do have a quick question, are the “Real Flavors Band – Green” tank bands (that you slide over the tank)?


Yes :stuck_out_tongue:

Umm… I personally have been making the newest marketing myself. Trying to bring it in house.


Well done to you then… they have been looking nice… at least at the dpi I’m viewing them at.


Hi @Walt_RealFlavors, I could not find a link to the dripper twist caps on the site. Just gonna ask for them in the order notes, but it looks like a couple other folks couldn’t find them either.


Is dhl the only shipping method you have? I was wanting to take advantage of the free giveaway but 25.00 for 1 bottle shipping?


That’s the flat rate for overseas shipping. Are you in the US?


Yes in ohio. I have also ordered from him before.


There isn’t an option for USPS? One of the more expensive shipping methods was automatically selected for me, but I just changed it to USPS.


Oh, maybe its a problem with the site. @Walt_RealFlavors! HALP!


Sorry must of been a glitch in chrome got it now. False alarm