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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


Has anyone tried the three free flavours being offered right now as stand alones?


will be when they arrive, and the slushie. mmmm


I wanted that slushie too but I’m all out of strawberries and ice cream and every flavour just kept upping the shipping cost over $17 as it was just to ship the free flavours.
Thats what i like about a company like RF is the ever changing limited time flavours,not to mention the promotions and the feedback.
Cant wait to try them,thanks @Walt_RealFlavors


Sorry for being lame, but are the VG based flavors and the super concentrates equally usable for e-liquid?
I think I ordered wrong, then missed the USPS option on checking out.


yes they are both good for vaping , ones just in a vg base and you have to use at a much higher percentage


OK I promise to reply to questions soon… First

HUGE shipping update!

FedEx is out and we are back to UPS… with some kick ass rates.

This is based on shipping a 3lb package from Michigan, to Cali (:stuck_out_tongue: Farthest distance)

Service Level-------Old FedEx-------New UPS
Ground----------------$18.12------------- $10.91
3 Day------------------$41.18------------- $17.17
2nd Day---------------$82.44------------- $20.19
Next Day-------------$192.11 ------------$39.35

I sold my soul for these rates but they should help out a lot! Most beat USPS rates after 2 lb.


I think you nailed that one @Walt_RealFlavors


Right lol…

So the new shipping options are live now. USPS is going to get tweaked some too. We are going to still offer first class for under 1 pound orders.


USPS Update,

First class is now a flat $4.25 under a pound. (This just makes everyone’s life easier ha)

USPS Padded Flat Rate will now be on the site for orders that are 1-3 pounds as well ($7.20)

We charge retail rates on these because we have to drive them to USPS, and have to pay extra the nice box and padding you get inside of there.


The USPS or lowest rate should be the default rate. I paid for DhL or something and noticed later if I had looked I could have paid less for USPS but the page had autoselected the higher rate and I did’nt look.
Also I am confused if the VG or SC flavors are best for e-juice.


I completely understand what you mean, but I want to give you a reason as to why we programmed it this way.

USPS First Class Mail can sometimes take up to 21 days, includes no real tracking and is not insured. These problems have led to MANY issues shipping an international order, and we find that 1 in 5 people contact us about some problem with their package. While cheaper, it is an issue.

DHL is only a bit more ($25 under 3lbs). DHL also is insured, promises transparent tracking, and has delivery times of 1-3 business days. To date, I have had only 1 issue ever with a lost package.

Many times I have talked about eliminating USPS for international orders. It is a large risk, and many do not understand the difference, they only look at the price.


I do live in the foreign country of Arkansas USA. :alien:
but still for everything I ship USPS usually gives me a tracking number, Its the cheapest, and just takes 5-7 days across the US and 3 days local.

But about your flavors, after I finalized my little order I found a separate part of the website with the VG based flavors. So are the VG flavors used more often and prefered for making e-liquid? as opposed to what I ordered (SC) Super Concentrate.


most here have switched to the SC for vaping. they are more economical and require less steeping


Thanks Fozzy, That’s great.

Even a blind hog can sometimes find an acorn


Sorry when I read this, I thought you were saying DHL. My fault.


You’ll have to forgive me, I’m an old man with parkinson’s and several other disabilities. I just clicked the OK button assuming the cheapest would be selected. I think I got Fedex, $12.51 via FedEx Ground Home Delivery.
but no worries.


Just north of you… in Misery (Missouri)… you only paid a few dollars more than me.



Bummer I missed the free blueberry slushie :cry:


UPS > USPS … (personal experience)

when i have ordered from USA to NEW ZEALAND. its quite a hike, price and distance.
I found when I placed orders before midnight thursday NZ time, i would have the package before the end of the following week. with USPS sometimes it could take almost 3 weeks.

this is great because the year started with a great depression, lots of ppl on ELR already knew about these RAW EXTRACTS but we had major shipping issues across lots of sites, i’m just tryna say thanks for all the hard work and communication to your customers whats going on and providing us with “working solutions” with shipping. cheers @Walt_RealFlavors


@Ken_O_Where learned a secret about this weekend :open_mouth: