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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


Everything is free if you are in Australia?


There you go… I will let @Ken_O_Where spill the beans haha


My lips are sealed as long as you meet my demands and send me 4oz of FV SC! Muahahahaha!

You know we got some fancy discord chat thing now, right?


Lol see message there @Ken_O_Where . I asked there first hahahah


@Walt_RealFlavors Don’t give him anything, that way he needs to spill the beans :laughing:


I need some too i am down to about 5 ml - oh I bet that is it the prem french vanilla will be released again this weekend the time frame is right


It is always possible that i have gotten to high and already forgotten but please dont tell walt.


Lmfao classic


Yeah I jumped on once but it is hard to sit in front of a computer haha

As for the secret… round 3 of samples will go live this week. Only 2 flavors but 500 of each, this week will include best sellers… one is Strawberry… the other is a secret, plus extra bonus bottles will be given out at $10 AND $25.

We give away a lot of free stuff lol… also… I have a release date on your FV @Ken_O_Where shhhhhhh


By 500 of each you really mean 1000, right?



You gotta start doing some desserts and creams instead of all these fruits. I’m allergic to fruit…I NEED sweets mwahahahahaha :smiling_imp:


The other is a cream haha

Fruits are cheaper for me to extract :stuck_out_tongue:


I will have to grab some more SB, that 30ml wont last much longer with all the testing thats been going on…


I’ll just keep watching til something is put up that I’ll use. Just ignore the lurker in the corner…she’ll peek out to check the next sale next week :slight_smile:


You are as bad with secrets as i am, LOL.


Yeah… you should see me at Christmas with gifts…

Black Friday I go shopping, people get their gifts by Cyber Monday haha


I don’t know about others but i kinda like that you guys are so bad with secrets :laughing:


Did you get and try that lemonade cookie last time @Ken_O_Where? That one almost tempted me into biting last time. How is it???


Lets try this, it works on me every time…

Hey, Walt. Working on anything new?


Speaking of secrets…