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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


Lmfao… maybe… even have cool drawings for them


I didnt, i held off entirely but someone sent me a bottle of Beaver Tail, smells sooo gud!

EDIT: I held off because of all the flavorings i have that i have barely mixed with but im getting caught up!


Ps. That is Aphrodite

Only hint…


A new flavor to the line i guess. Whats the profile on it?


I thought I was the only good girl last time :frowning:
There goes all my bragging rights, you just always need all the attention, doncha!!!



Dayummmm, you shore look good in them thar heels and with that silky soft hair on yur shouldérs.


Why thank you! The wife says my legs are too white tho…


Wellllll, I wasn’t going to say anything. Don’t wanna hurt your feelers, but I do understand what your wife is trying to say.

BTW @Walt_RealFlavors don’t think that Ken throwing up sexy pics of himself is distracting me or the Norseman. We are still waiting to here what new stuff you are working on :wink:


I was just wondering about new Black Label stuffs and Thimbleberry



Nice! I’d definitely be jumping on some Thimbleberry and cream and dessert stuff. But only as it’s a fruit that is rare to find. I’m still allergic :wink:


Have you, or anyone, tried out Yogurt SC?


If I remember correctly, Aphrodite planted pomegranates to spread?


Not I, but I think I vaguely remember someone talking about it on the SC thread if you want to search that one.


Aphrodite you say, so fruit mix and tomato leaves? =D

so dragonfruit… when? pitaya… ppl want it.


do you have a MALT WALT?


Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of Love and judging by this picture I’m thinking the new flavor is rose :wink:


There is already a rose i got it the other day


Their are actually 12 new flavors coming…

It is a special line called Olympians. It is a line I am helping to make with a friend. Super complex profiles for each, sort of like the black label line, no real cost restraints.


Just found this article about quince.



I should make you all my research department haha.

Funny side note… There is 1 person on this forum that knows all about it… Only because I hired her daughter to do all my designs :smiley: