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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


I didn’t know @Ken_O_Where had a daughter :wink:


The two ELR winners have not replied to my PMs… SO new winners are going to be selected!


@CallMeTut and @louiesquared

PM me, you have 7 days dang it haha.


Nice!!! Congrats @CallMeTut and @louiesquared !


Wheeey! Congrats!! :boom:


Back in stock June 6th!

PS… remind me to hurt someone for making this image say black labeled… instead of black label -.-


Well to be fair it is black labeled. :wink:


Right! I looked at it and was like… Well… They are not lying haha


Whoooooop @CallMeTut and @louiesquared :grin::grin::grin::tada:


Congrats @CallMeTut and @louiesquared


Wahoo! This is awesome! PM Sent.

Thank you Walt.


Woooo Hoooo! Congrats guys :smile:


How do ya spell OMG!!!


OH EM GEE! :laughing:


@LordVapor ^^

@Walt_RealFlavors: Any idea how much will be available? Will it be the same price?

I personally dont care what it says on the bottle, the inside is yum, but this requires a response. Perhaps some office shenanigans? One of my favorites was screen shot the desktop and then using it is a background imagine, hiding the taskbar and icons… One time i wrapped everything in a fellas cubical with clear cling wrap.


WOOT! Very nice.


Pics and/or video of this would be fun to see lol. Thanks for the heads up.


Congrats @CallMeTut and @louiesquared very nice win!!!


@CallMeTut and @louiesquared congrats have fun shopping - Thanks @Walt_RealFlavors for the competition.

Sorry tm wrong reply button :grinning:


Congrats @CallMeTut and @louiesquared and thanks for the contest @Walt_RealFlavors


I have tape and over 1000 mini lil chicks… The next person who makes me mad is getting their car covered haha.