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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


BTW… pssst…





I looked and looked @Walt_RealFlavors i couldn’t find the black label french vanilla i could only find the black labeled french vanilla.

I am so sorry @jojo made me do it lmao


lmao… Your next order is going to be filled with little chickens


Hahahhaha cool I like chicken lmao


Hey don’t bring me in to it! I had nothing to do with this, whatsoever. Nope, nothin, nada. I’m an angel. :innocent:


I overheard it all while i was lurking and i can back @woftam up on this. Totally @JoJo fault. :wink:


Can we haz wishlist soon



filled with diketones :wink:


Yes please!


There is a stupid conflict with the wish list and wholesale.


@Walt_RealFlavors I was about to pre-order the french vanilla and noticed the “Insurance” which I never recall having before, is this something new?


That’s the shipping option “USPS First Class - No Insurance.” There is no insurance option for USPS First Class that I can see.


Yeah… I’m an idiot… lol


Ohhhhh, you are close to making me bite this time you tease! Stiil that hated blueberry slushie instead of blackberry, and regular oreo instead of fried. So I’m thinking I can use that as an excuse to be a good girl! Can’t ruin all my willpower now!

I can’t believe you are giving even more flavors away! You are the man @Walt_RealFlavors, and it’s very very much appreciated! It’s working to get people to try your flavors. I’ve been seeing a lot of positive comments about them in the Facebook groups and that other forum. People that have been holding off giving you a try now. I really am thankful for all you do for us and continuing to join us here!


Can somebody help me out please. I need to know whether either of these 2 shops are selling rf sc?

Diyflavorsupply def looks to be only the vg but does anyone know for sure? I figured I’d get a quicker answer around then if I was to contact the stores, lol. Thanks.
I want to try the sc but in smaller more affordable sizes.


I checked out both sites, from the looks of it, they have flavors that are only available in VG so I would assume that is all they are selling at the moment. I do know for a fact, that Ecigexpress is selling the SC if that is what you are looking for. I believe they are the only ones as of now.

Otherwise, those two sites are indeed selling the VG versions as they have flavors that have not been released in SC form.


Looks like both carry the VG versions.

From OSDIYS flavor description:

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, and Natural Flavors


Real Flavors offer an entire line of VG based flavors

Real Flavors and ECX are the only two US vendors that carry the SC line that I know of.



I’m trying to get caught up on my reviews. However their is an issue with the website. Even though it shows 5 stars, it only lets me select 3, 4, or 5 stars. Why won’t it let me choose 1 or 2 stars?

Is anyone else having this problem?


They dont have a lot but they have some good ones. Use code flavorhunter25 for an addition 25% off the sale price.


@Pentine @kungfoogorilla thanks a lot, appreciated! Yes, ecx, just pretty limited selection so far but I’m sure will grow.