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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


Thanks! Yeah, I wanted to try fried dough but they have deep fried spongecake… which, I must admit, sounds tempting as well.


No problem :+1:

On another note;

Has anyone here had any success with the Red, Orange, or Yellow Burst Type Candy?


So are we live with the sale, Mr @Walt_RealFlavors?

One more question, did the paczki change from beta to production?

Sorry, i havent.

EDIT: Nope, not live yet.



Lol…patience Grasshopper :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’m gonna be a good girl again. Thank god it’s regular cookies and cream and not the deep fried. I would have lost my self control record!


Ima ginger!


So am I!!!

That excuse only explains the temper :wink:



Well, technically I’m not anymore. I am now brunette with plum purple. Figured I need to stop warning everybody ahead of time. Let them find put after getting to know me about the temper :innocent:


Don’t feel bad, you are the 4th or 5th person to say something. I wish it broke it up better.

VG only…

That and Walmart :stuck_out_tongue: well select ones haha

LOL that is super odd. I will have to look in to it. I just had someone post a 1 star review and say… “ecig suppples from blah blah blah”

PS… The sale will be live soon. Just need to get the graphics changed over.


Sorry for the outage there… We had a stupid plugin causing the site to act up it seems. It went in full “I hate Walt” mode haha. Fixed now ha


I’m thinking about getting some RF. Do you still have a sale going on? Do you have any sample packs for sale? Where do I go


There is a sale just about to start. Hang tight and give me 20 minutes :smiley:


It’s BACK!!!

The free flavor giveaway is back in action! This time you can pick up to 3 free bestselling flavors!


Sugar Cookie
Cookies & Cream

ALSO! 4 flavors are on sale for 20% off! Check that out here


Deep Fried Cookies & Cream
Deep Fried Spongecake
Rice Pudding
Shortbread Cookie

PLUS the limited edition Blueberry Lemonade Slushie is free on orders over $10!

We sold out last time in less than 48 hours! Don’t waste time and end up missing this one!

Also, remember thanks to everyone sharing we can keep these coming! In honor of that, we are going to give away 2 more $100 gift cards this weekend to ELR members who share this post, just PM me where you posted it or let us know on here!


I posted to my facebook :slight_smile: Thank you! I cant wait to try the new flavors!


Hi Walt I sent you a pm about my order :slight_smile:


Shared in 3 fb diy groups, my fb page and 2 posts on ecf :slight_smile:


Great! I kept trying at 4am this morning and thought they had already sold out lol


Good stuff as always Walt, I posted over at reddit about the giveaway and great flavors you picked out for it!


shared on Facebook group where 4-5 friends already ordered and more re-posted ! also on my Facebook