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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


Placed it up on one of the DIY mixing FB pages…
Tornado warnings going off here :frowning:


Nooooo, you ruined my good girl record! You just had to put the Deep Fried Oreo for 20% off. It flipped me straight over the edge!!!

Posted on Vaping Underground for contest entry.

Going to check Facebook groups now :slight_smile:


Posted it on MyVaporium for contest entry.


Alright @Walt_RealFlavors , I don’t participate in many competitions, but havin’ a guilt-free excuse to get some of the SC flavors is too tempting. Posted on my Facebook wall. :wink:

Is the cooling agent in the blueberry lemonade slushie the same chemical that is in koolada? It looks super yummy, but I’m allergic to koolada. :frowning:

PS I bought some flavors. I wasn’t supposed to until I used some of the VG ones I have. You broke my freeze. Nobody else has been able to, so I hope you’re happy with yourself. :wink:


Posted on my Facebook!



No we use just a hint of menthol to cut the sweetness down a bit

ALSO… Sorry folks…

SOLD OUT! That was the fastest we have ever given away so many bottles! Over 1500 bottles are on their way to some VERY happy People. If you missed it, keep an eye out for the next one coming soon :smiley:


Oh so sad.


When I looked at about 2:30pm ET you had sold out of the Strawberry, three left of the Sugar Cookie, and eleven of the Cookies & Cream. Basically sold out of 1500 flavors in under 30 hours. Impressive.

EDIT: I got the four free flavors, as well as rhubarb and melon melody. Excited to give them all a try.


Hehe, @Walt_RealFlavors sucked me in too. HAD to place anooooother order LOL.


I got suckered into buying again too :joy::joy: I added key lime pie and funnel cake, can’t wait to try those out too :grin:


DAMMIT, another one to add to the wishlist, hehehe.

I grabbed Yogurt because i was as sick of asking about it as others were in hearing me ask. I grabbed Cinn Custard too, i dont care if i get a throat tickle again im vaping it. Stuff is liquid gold…


Used my $100 Prize and picked up the following. I am going to be busy. Thanks again Walt and whoever it was that didn’t contact him after they one.

Apple Pie (SC)
Baked Bread (SC)
Banana (SC)
Black Raspberry (SC)
Boston Cream Pie (SC)
Cinnamon Custard (SC)
Cookies and Cream (SC)
Dreamsicle (SC)
Fruit Pebbles (SC)
Honey (SC)
Paczki (SC)
Rice Pudding (SC)
Shortbread Cookie (SC)
Strawberry (SC)
Sugar Cookie (SC)
Vanilla Custard (SC)
Vanilla Ice Cream (SC)



I need to re-address myself…
I was so in shock in (as @louiesquared put it) forgot to thank whom ever it was that didn’t contact @Walt_RealFlavors thus allowing me to receive the gift. I also would really like to thank Walt for providing the gift, I really do appreciate it.
I also ordered the Black Label FV and am dying to try it in both vape and in a peach cobbler type cake thingy I make.


Key Lime Pie was awesome in VG form, my wifes ADV. Please share your review on SC form.


Hey all, soooo last weekend I had oral surgery on my jaw and to have some teeth removed. That caused some serious pain so I have been super limited online. (At least I can move my jaw now…)

Anyways, I have not checked any PMs, or emails in almost a week. Soon I will get caught up but bare with me. If it is urgent, contact cs@realflavors.com


Get better soon


Rest well, Mister Flavorstein. We will be here when you return.



Oh that sounds bad @Walt_RealFlavors hope you make a quick recovery.

In the mean time please have a smile.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Lol wish I could show you the pics of it haha…

So side note, while I have been down, I have been working on 2 new limited edition flavors. 1 is Southern Sweet Tea, the other is called… well it’s a surprise.