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Real Flavors! All Natural VG Based Flavors


Until you tell @Ken_O_Where or in 10 minutes because you can’t hold it in lmao. Luv ya Walt


It’s a surprise because I am taking on @Ken_O_Where… I have a new black label banana that this recipe uses haha.

Ps… love you too @woftam calling me out. Also I saw your note on the french vanilla order… you just wait!


Lmao cant wait mate. Hmm black label banana


So i’m still interested in what i wrote to you about in that PM i sent you.


Hope you are feeling better soon. Nothing worse than dental pain! Ok, maybe childbirth…lol :head_bandage: :revolving_hearts:

And whew…finally you love me. The new black label is banana, so no temptation for me at all this time. Wooo Hooooo :dancers:


Nope I think dental pain is worse than childbirth! Ouch!!

Feel better soon, @Walt_RealFlavors !!


@Walt_RealFlavors funny (not really) you would mention that, as I just had to have an extraction as well (2 weeks back), and it damn sure GETS in the way of things. I have to mend up, maybe get a bone graft, and then implants. All you need are a few sutures, a little bag of Oxy, and some good Amazon Prime to stream binge. Hope all is well, and hang in there brother.


@Walt_RealFlavors Black Label Banana !!! ???


OMG finally! Let me know when it’s live and I’ll be happy to give it a test! :smiley:

And if you manage a banana that is a realistic, sweet, ripe banana that isn’t caustic like TPA’s I will buy a metric ton of it. I love banana vapes but I’ve cut back a lot since I can’t find a replacement and I don’t like using TPA’s Ripe Banana.


Ok @JoJo is down for a metric ton - does that mean we wont see it until the next batch lol


Most likely unless walt has made 2 metric tons of it


Ok I may have been exaggerating just a titch… :stuck_out_tongue:


so @Walt_RealFlavors can put you down for 999999g or about 33333 (and change bottles) - i think you may have to drive for that one the shipping may make it a bit pricey. :laughing:


Two thumbs up on the banana love !!!


Glad to hear that you’re on the mend.


WHEW… Honey… I’m home!


@JoJo Do you want to lock this one as well and I will start a new one tonight? :stuck_out_tongue:


How you feeling petal?


MUCHHHH better lol. Tooth getting pulled was not bad but the scrapping and refilling of the jaw bone… THAT hurt ha, left me a but umm… feeling like shit ha

Thank you for asking :stuck_out_tongue:


Holy shite!!! Ouch. Good to have you back :grin: