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Real Flavors Super Concentrates Tasting Notes (Part 2)


Lol yeah, I was Hulkin out trying to use the caps. Better than cleaning those annoying pippets I suppose but I will have to stick with transferring the ones I really like into 30ml PET bottles.


I tried and liked the BB very much @ 2.5% @ 2 weeks.


Man, I’ve placed like 5 orders, and have yet to see a single green cap !!!


This was the first of five orders where I have received a cap. Don’t worry, you’re not missing out, I still prefer to transfer them in to the 30ml PETs.

Anyone have any experience with the Taffy Base or Cake Batter?


I keep reading all of these great notes about their flavors and here my order sits-stuck in Limbo, OH!! GAAAH!!!

Some days the waiting struggle is hard.


I tried the cake batter at 2%. After two weeks it was very bland and didn’t taste much of anything. Around week 4 or 5 it had really developed into a wonderful flavour. It was rich and slightly creamy batter, with hints of possibly caramel. I can’t find the notes I had written but I do remember the transformation at week 5 taking me completely by surprise (in a good way).


Its smell reminds me of FLV Cupcake Batter, it smells almost of maple syrup so I can see where you get a hint of caramel from it.


That could very well be what it was. It’s been a few weeks since I tried it but I was definitely impressed with it.


I thought the CB was pretty good.


LOL. I did the same thing! I also wrapped mine with electrical tape just so I wouldn’t scratch the bottle too much.


Its kinda late but I’m about to do some mixing! I’m excited to try them :grin:


Bergamot- In using this as a replacement for one of my recipes, I noticed it is not as strong as the FA Bergamot. It definitely has a different profile, more green but not in a floral way, if that makes any sense. As all SC, this carries it’s own sweetness and isn’t dry. I turned it up to 4% from 2%, and it came through a bit better. This is definitely a different type of bergamot than the one I have previously used. I am still trying to get a bead on exactly what is going on, but it is definitely a juicy flavor. It has been a good break from FA Bergamot, but I am not convinced that it is going to take its place in my mixes. Maybe if I bump it up to 5%, it will shine a bit more, but for now, I am not too convinced. I would really like to know what others who have tried another Bergamot think of this.


Hi…Has anyone used Bubble Gum SC flavour or Cinnamon Roll?


I have used both and wasnt impressed. Bubble gum is weak, so you can try to start from 2.0-2.5 %. Cinnamon Roll in SC form is a fail comparing to VG version. No roll and no Cinnamon at all.


Yes at two weeks it is damn good alas @DrChud is saying at 5weeks it had faded into oblivion… I for one do not want to have to monitor my steeped liquids and be forced to vape up a bottle before the flavor dissapears. Many have claimed fading issues. The real question is should the percentage go up or down for those of us that prefer to hoard aged liquids lol My plan is to test a known culprit for fade RF yumberry at 0.5% 1% 2.5% 4% 5% and 7% yes 7% and than test which % is best after 8weeks only then will i be satisfied and confident in the finished product


I used RFSC Bubble Gum in a mix I normally use INW at 1.5% and it came through really well for me. Just from that one trial in a mix I can say that it will probably be the only BG I use once I finish off my INW bottle. I think I have CAP and TFA as well but was never impressed with those compared to INW and now the RFSC.


There has to be a level at which the fade doesn’t occur, I am glad you are doing this experiment. I find myself using these flavor at higher and higher percentages as time goes on. I don’t start anything lower than 3% at this point, soon to be 4% if the fading continues. It seems the bakery flavors hold up a bit better, do you find this to be true? Fruit flavors seem a bit more fickle.


I will start at 4% to start with and see how we go.


I said this way back in the first thread but will say it again here. I have found that if you are steeping for 4 weeks or more that 3% to 5% or possibly even 6% is the magic numbers for all of the RF SC flavors that I have found “flavor fade” but to be honest I really do not think it is as much as a fading issue as it is the flavors change and at the higher percentages the ones I have tried this on got really good at 4 weeks and held there own from that point on all the way to over 2 months old.


@Jazzy_girl Welcome to the party. I hope you like them !!!