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Real Flavors Super Concentrates Tasting Notes (Part 2)


I didn’t have great luck with the CR.

Cinnamon Roll SC 2.5% (4-16-17) – This was a strange one @ 2 weeks+. I really wasn’t getting cinnamon roll at all, but it was almost like apple fritter, where the apple was backed down to just below identifiable. I love cinn. roll, but this one just didn’t seem close to me, and the cinn. wasn’t really there, or I just couldn’t pick up on it. Upon initial loading of the steam crave, I thought I might have tasted a cinnamon hot, but it never showed up again. Maybe just a different take on cinnamon roll maybe ?? As a cinnamon roll, have to go low @ 3/10


I don’t know who reviewed the Peanut Butter on RF’s site but the flavor is pretty on point. I was able to pull this off with a 2 hour steep at 35c in the UC yesterday and have already vaped 20 out of 30ml I made with primarily MTL tanks.

This was an off cuff test that seemed to be nailed first try so I am rolling with it for now. The flavors roll around on the tongue. On my Serpent RDTA Banana on the in and Peanut on the ex, totally opposite on an Atlantis tank.


i will be looking for your findings to be posted , i agree with you about everything you have written especially about having to monitor , maybe after someone has figured out these answers ill pursue this product again , yes im being lazy and counting on someone else , but i do appreciate what your doing


@SessionDrummer I mixed them all up as testers. I’ve tried the strawberry banana smoothie (sc) @ 3% and its even better than the strawberry milkshake!! Right now I’m loving the bread pudding (vg)! Its so thick vapalicious, tastes just like bread pudding! Delicious as a ADV @ 15%. I haven’t tried the blueberry yet but my son has and he loves it. He vaped a whole tank and asked for more. Hes pretty picky about flavors


I just went through all my testers I made up of my new rf flavors. That French toast is amazingly good, a spot on French toast. The chocolate in the peanut butter cup is still a bit harsh. But I’m sure that’ll calm down in another week or so. I must also say the strawberry milkshake is an excellent flavor as well


What % did you use for your testers?


I’ve been mixing all of them at 3%


Thats about where I have found them to be best. 3-3.5%.


I’m finding the same results as well, so far


V1 or V2 French toast? I hear meh things about the V2 but still want to try it.


It’s the v1…I’m usually not a fan of any v2’s of any flavor :joy::joy:


Has anyone tried fried chicken or sriracha? For some reason I keep wanting to try and make a buffalo wing recipe whenever I see those :joy::joy:…paging @Bob_Bitchen


I have both and had similar thoughts but I just have not been brave enough to mix it it - the sriracha taste test (in water) gives me a hot mouth chilli feel so I am a bit hesitant to vape it - one day I will be drunk enough.


:joy::joy::joy:alcohol always helps. But u should just go for it. Never know unless u try. Hell I may have to add them on my next order so I can give it a whirl myself :grin:


The Fried Chicken (SC)(RF) has it’s own special places in Bob’s Savory Selections.


Ingredient %
Barbecue (OOO) 0.5
Black Pepper Madagascar (TPA) 0.25
Brown Sugar (OOO) 0.5
Cake (Yellow) (OOO) 1
Corn Bread (OOO) 4
Fried Chicken (SC) (Real Flavors) 4
Red Beans (DIY) 8

Flavor total: 18.25%

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This one is Public. The Fried Chicken holds up very well in this recipe with no fade to speak of. This one is Bold and in your Face.

Got both French Toast V1 and V2 and tested with early batches of Multi Flavor runs under way.


Thanx bob :+1:


I think



I mixed up some RFSC Pink Candy at 1.5% and it was good 3 months ago when I first tried it, went to try it again today and the flavor is gone. Anyone else have this much flavor fade with the Pink Candy? Maybe I just need to increase the % by double?


That’s quite an interesting recipe


That is one I’d like to order this up for.

My DIY red bean extract was a bit lacking in punch.