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Real Flavors Super Concentrates Tasting Notes (Part 2)


I’m imagining that recipe to be like a BBQ exploded in your mouth :joy::joy:


U need a little hickory smoke flavor in there imo :wink:


Cherry SC @ 2.5% (6-7-17) – Don’t think I’ve tried a cherry I like yet (haven’t tried the INW cherries yet). Must be a hard flavor to make (right) or everyone would be doing it. 2 weeks of waiting, JUST to see. This one is a hard one to nail down. First things first, the bad. It really doesn’t hit me as a cherry. Smelling it it smells like maybe a somewhat rainier maybe ? It doesn’t vape like one. It’s somewhat sweet, but with some tartness, and sometimes if you repeat hit it, it kinda tastes like cherry, but I’m almost getting cranapple at times ?? WTF is this ??? I’m repeat vaping while typing this. The inhale is a sweet fruit like feel/taste and it WANTS to be a big cherry on the exhale, but it’s just not there. You shouldn’t have to WORK IT to make it happen. Surely could be used in a cherry base mix for sure. The good, well it’s NOT chemically, or artificial tasting, and NO cough syrup here, but I just don’t get that overwhelming YES CHERRY from it. It’s in there somewhere, and it peeks out time and again, but the cherry doesn’t own this flavor. Mixer, definitely, maybe boost one or more cherries, sure, but as the just can’t see it as the one taking the cherry to the finish line. Super hard to rate. Purge, vape, purge, vape. Going to roll with a 3.5/10 here guys. Suuuure with this one vaped like it smelled.


Bob, you Sir are a vaping madman. I’ve (thought I) vaped some pretty non conformist vapes, but you Sir, rock the boat, roll the boat, sink the boat, and dredge it back up. I may have to man up here someday and vape some of your mind blowing concoctions. 2 thumbs up.


Woodsmoke and Oak (FA) in my cart for next order :slight_smile: I totally agree.
Both the BBO and the black pepper seem to dominate at first but both retreated to the background after a couple of weeks and let the Fried Chicken Shine in the lead. The Corn Bread (OOO) is a Pale-soft flavor so I added a little yellow cake to boot that up a tad. Might order up Sweet Corn and see how that works in it’s place as I’m not getting a good bright corn hit yet.


@Jazzy_girl It’s never to late to …


Grape SC @ 2.5% (6-7-17) – Have not had the best luck with grapes, so had 2 weeks to think about this one. After a few vapes, I think I like this. Pretty damned nice grape. Doesn’t seem to be a straight white, or purple grape, but more of a concord, and pretty close to a Grape Nehi soda. Very nice, full, and sweet @ 2.5% and still vaping it revealed NO offputting flavors, or artificial tastes to it. The more I vape it, the better it gets. Hmmmm, I think this is a pretty nice grape. Sweet and full in the inhale, and pretty close to a grape explosion on the exhale. Everyone’s “perfect” grape may be different, but this one is full of grape, and right in the middle, around a concord/grape soda. Continued vaping leaves me unable to find any shortcomings on this. Very surprised. An easy 9.5/10 for me on this one.


Crazy suggestion here…
Drop the parenthesis, and move your name to the front of each recipe!
Because everyone one loves:
“Bitchen BBQ” or Bitchen Potato Salad or Bitchen Rack of Lamb… Etc

It would still keep you easy to search, but reads better IMHO (more like a restaurant menu).

/my .02 =)



I prefer Mesquite :wink: but Hickory will work in a pinch.


You definitely need to!! =D
GREAT stuff!!


I do enjoy mesquite for beef. But I like a blend of cherry and hickory for pork and poultry :grin:


You put something other than beef on your grill? o0
BLASPHEMY! (I keed, I keed)

Don’t really consider pork to be bbq worthy*, though I will definitely stuff a beer can up a chicken, and let that smoke! lol

*I’m fully aware there’s a lot of states (especially Kansas and Missouri) that practically worship a pig, but I’m a native Texan (so brisket and barbacoa is my favorite part of the playground) grins


I figured the Texas thing from the mesquite comment :joy::joy::joy:…I make a pretty mean pulled pork. My wife’s practically a vegetarian, but eats that :grin:. But I love all types of BBQ


Now we’ve officially derailed the hell out of this thread :raised_hands::raised_hands::joy::joy::joy:


I blame Walt for making fried chicken, which led Bob to making a beautiful Cajun bbq concoction, which led to…


Could just be a difference in personal taste but I suggest trying this a 3.5%. I get a very nice sweet cherry. Not a fresh cherry but not quite a maraschino cherry. Maybe more of a cherry compote or pie filling.


Roger that Louie. I’ll re-mix higher. I love some cherry, so I was a little bummed. Thank you for your test tastin’ feedback brother.


Hello All,
Has anyone tried the Snickerdoodle (SC)? I’ve searched both Part 1 & Part2 and can not seem to find any reviews here, Reddit, AllTheFlavors, or on ECF.

I’m interested in using it for a Snickerdoodle Cream Cookie recipe @ 3%. Can this SC stand on its own? I was thinking of adding either Cinnamon Danish Swirl v2 + Graham Cracker (CAP) if it’s needed.

Thank you in advance for any reply.



Has anyone played with either RF SC Kiwi or RF SC Kiwi Strawberry? If so what are your thoughts a compared to others (brands)?


FWIW I mixed up a tester of RF SC Strawberry Peach at 3% today, although it hasn’t set or anything, it has a nice flavor to it. It does have that fresh made juice “bite” where it hasn’t mellowed any as of yet, but both the Peach and Strawberry can easily be distinguished along with a nice sweet note, nothing bitter or off putting (read that as chemically). This was using a Therom single coil SS 316 at 0.6 oHM