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Real Flavors Super Concentrates Tasting Notes (Part 2)


Interesting, I didn’t even know they had a SP. :open_mouth:


I like their strawberry, but have been holding off on the peach til I hear more about it. What do you think of the peach aspect thus far?


Like I stated, I just made it up this morning, but I’m personally very happy I purchased it. For some strange reason I’m not getting “strawberry” taste from many of the “strawberry” mixes I’ve been making recently, which is sad, I love strawberry in real life and can taste them fine. So tasting this (even as a fresh juice) is a pleasure. The Peach aspect reminds me of cling peaches from a can in heavy syrup, a ripened peach.


A few of the SC flavours I tried I couldn’t taste anything from them at all. French vanilla, condensed milk and cream. All three just tasted like sweetened warm VG.


Interesting… hopefully your not talking about the “Premium” (Black Label) French Vanilla…


I’m not actually sure. The reason I bought it was because I seen lots of people raving about it. It just says French Vanilla on the site where I got it, there was no mention of black label or premium.
I was surprised by condensed milk too. I even remixed it at 1, 2 and 3.5% and had the same results with all of them.


Interesting about the Condensed Milk, the notes I have on it (not my personal notes but those I believe I copied off of @SessionDrummer he might chime in if he see’s this and can elaborate) are:

"Condensed milk is very strong and it steeps stronger. brown sugar is
also quite strong so you may find both mixes are dominated by the 1% -
not sure about the funky taste as i don’t get that but dropping them
down some may be the answer. they do both require a minimum of a
week but better at 2.
crazy strong. I have not tested this as a SA yet but I’ve replaced
various creams in other recipes with it at .25-.5% and I think .25%
is going to be my high limit. It tastes a bit dry to me and I like tpa
or purilum MM with it to round it out and sweeten it up.


Thanks @CallMeTut. @DrChud I dug up my old CM notes from part 1:

I had great results from CM, and although strong, it worked for me as a single @ 2.5% @ 2 weeks. Granted I’ve only done single testing, cannot vouch for mixing yet.


Not really thrilled with the Lemon Cookie (SC). The Lemon taste is nice but it is very subtle. I have found the Cookie flavor is almost nonexistent. I did not find this Concentrate to be accurate per its description. Still it is a pleasant Vape at 3% as a SFM. I am going to use it as a add in other recipes.


Just curious where did you buy it from? Some sites dilute or mess up the bottling process and ruin the flavorings I think. There is also the possibility they have them stored improperly or have been sitting too long. The RF site is pretty reasonable but I was wondering if there is any reputable sites to get good prices on smaller sampler bottles for testing. If RF sold 15ml bottles I would likely order a lot more from them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also there is a Super Concentrate brand that is made in China and is totally different from RF SC, I thought they were the same flavorings myself at first.


I can’t give you a percentage…but yes. Lol. The flavor has seemed weak, and not performing well. I mixed this weekend again using it. The recipie is titled RF Sc kiwi upped…because I increased the percent to a tpa range of like 3.5% or something like that.


@Walt_RealFlavors Any idea when those of us who pre-ordered the black label vanilla will receive it ?


That is a good question @SessionDrummer if it isn’t too far off of July 4th, and RF has another sale, I might see about having them hold my order of it and just add it to the perspective order over that weekend. I think the “pre-order” was until the 26th of this month, but that doesn’t really mean it would be ready to ship… just the pre-order was complete, I think.


It was originally June 6th and then got bumped up to the 26th. Now worries, sure it will be worth the wait


Lol…I looked at my “upped” recipe and I have it at 5%. Its a for shits and giggles mix.

Keep in mind this is a primary solo mix with fresh cream fa and marshmallow FA.


Is that the kiwi your talking about @Chrispdx ? My step daughter has been using FA Kiwi between 5 and 6% in a mix and I was thinking of trying the RF SC version instead.


Yeah Kiwi RF SC…I am still hopeful that it could replace Kiwi MF…but after a 4 week steep I haven’t been happy. As for Kiwi I like Kiwi FA+Kiwi Double&Kiwi MF all together.


Grrr…Forgot to say something Positive for once. I am digging RF SC Watermelon in my Recipe. It’s still in Testing mode…but has beat out LA Clear and Pur Brands when appropriately swapping out RF SC. (@Pentine here is my latest watermelon mix as promised)

Watermelon My Way (Original by ChrisPDX)
Watermelon RF SC 2.5%
Watermelon FA 1.65% (yup 1.65)
Cucumber FA 0.25% (adjusting the green…yes, try it)
Fresh Cream FA 0.3% (yes, lets shave the sharp edge)
Marshmallow FA 1% (damn straight I love my Mallow)
Dragonfruit TPA 1% (lift up the red)
Strawberry FA 0.75 (lift up the red).


Did you ever get any cinnamon out of this? Been looking for a good animal cracker lately and this sounds like it just might due.


We bumped it back juuuuuuust a bit to the 26th. I tweaked it just a bit and now letting it age a bit longer… This batch will have aged a total of 6 months!