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Real Flavors Super Concentrates Tasting Notes (Part 2)


PS why tweak and age it longer? Well black label to me is perfection, I personally mix and create the batch myself. The only person allowed to touch it is good ole Walt haha. Soooo… If I say that, then I have to make it good ha.

Granted after testing the 5 gallons that are being aged, I think it will only yield about 3 gallons… Le sad.

The Black Label Banana I have been working on it good to go. Just waiting on testing to come back. It will have some AP in it :confused:


@Walt_RealFlavors Hmmm, sounds like a lot of pressure. Thanks for the updates and details.


Yeah baby yeah!


@Walt_RealFlavors I was wondering when you’ll get some of the root beer flavors back in stock? They must be delicious! I cant wait to make a root beer float vape!


Has anyone tried the breakfast (sc) RF pack? It has fruity circles, blueberry muffin, coffee, silly rabbit, and milk.


I’m pretty sure @fidalgo_vapes got this pack :+1:


@fidalgo_vapes how was it? Im still searching for that great cereal vape :+1:


the only flavor worth having was the milk the silly rabbit and fruit circles were way off , supposedly the fruit pebbles is good which is the newest fruit cereal flave i havent tried it though


@Jazzy_girl @Ken_O_Where’s LB RB Float is delicious if you need something to tide you over while you wait. :slight_smile:


Awesome! I’m definitely mixing this up. I’ve been wanting a root beer float vape. Thank u


Sweet Cream- At 4% with a month’s steep, this flavor is on the border as to whether I like it or not. Being a single flavor mix with ONLY sweet cream, I wasn’t expecting much out of it. I was however expecting a bit more creaminess. The profile is a clean, sweet taste, but the cream is lacking a bit. It does not taste bad in anyway, but after seeing the results of everyone else’s RF SC Cream flavors, I was expecting this to be a bit stronger. Maybe I am expecting too much from this flavor, but I cannot say for sure as it is the only Sweet Cream flavor I have. It is not bad in anyway, just a bit light on the creaminess, although a sweet cream is NOT meant to be a heavy cream so they got the sweet part right.

Would love to hear other peoples experience with this flavor.

I will have to give CAP Sweet Cream a try and see how it stacks up. I have heard good things about that one as well.

Seems the RF SC threads have died down a bit…


Ah, so YOU are the one who recommended FW Blueberry along with MF Blueberry, I will have to try that in my next BB Muffin recipe. Yum.

How did the RF SC Brown Sugar work for you? I have been using TFA DX Brown Sugar, and while good, it can tend to taste like maple syrup after steeping. Is there a go-to brown sugar for you?


Sorry that i didnt see this until now, @Pentine.

Ive only begun to experiment with it but i very much like it. Ive not used DX BS but i have the regular one and use it often, for now it is my goto, until i find the right spot for the SC.


@Ken_O_Where @Pentine


@MysticRose I’m planning on mixing up the French Vanilla Premium (RF) up as a single flavor (15ml tester), you still seeing 1% a good starting point or think it should go up a bit?


@CallMeTut @Walt_RealFlavors I think said the 26th was the shipping date, so I’m very anxious to smell test, the mix. Is it supposed to be fairly strong ?


I still vape it SF at 1% and it’s great to me, every once in a while I nudge it up to 1.5%. I would start at the 1% as you can always add more. I’m sure there might be slight variations seeing as how it’s barrel aged.


Thx @MysticRose@SessionDrummer my order arrived about a week and a half ago (for the French Vanilla Premium), just getting around to playing with it.


@CallMeTut Can’t wait to hear what you think about it, and I’m still anxiously awaiting mine. It’s gotta be good if @Walt_RealFlavors is spending this much time on it.


Hello all. These are the notes that can be found in my flavor stash. I apologize in advance if my notes are not very elaborate. I keep my notes very short and jot down my thoughts as I’m tasting. These are only my opinions on this flavor. If anyone has any other opinions on this flavor please let me know.

Sweet Potato (SC) (Real Flavors)

Single Flavor Test | 70/30 | 1.5 nic | 2.5%

► Smell / Taste / Feel
• Light / Weak Sweet Potato
• Light sweetness

► Notes
• Very Cloudy - Shake Vigorously
• Not earthy*

■ ■Tasting on 7/21/2017 (3 week steep ✓) ■ ■ Single Triple Core SS Fused Claptons | 40/50 watts

★Flavor Fade★
• Not a recognizable sweet potato flavor - Taste like paper / chalky & dirty
• Very very dry / Rough mouth feel
• No sweetness

★ 4 week Re-tasting (N/A) - Do not foresee any improvements in taste or quality

► Usage: N/A - Do not like

■ Sub: Sweet Potato (Amoretti)