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Real Flavors Super Concentrates Tasting Notes (Part 2)


Here is my latest recipe designed around a Real Flavors Flavor. @Pro_Vapes and @Ken_O_Where Cream Cheese SC RF I think is going to be my replacement for Greek Yogurt any brand… Just Fyi.

@Walt_RealFlavors Posting another recipe that I like and trying to show you some love. I did want to mention in one post I am still experiencing flavor fading at 4 weeks…the latest victim was Kiwi. I have my last tester bottle steeping that I get to try in 2 weeks…I’ve tried 2, 2.5, 3, and 4 percent for giggles. The latest test bottle steeping is sitting at 1.5%. It’s turning out to be the same issue I run into with strawberry, orange, blood orange, and so on.


This is so awesome! I’ve been making a list of flavors I want to play with, so this helps a lot!!

Thank you!!


Thank you for posting your recipe and for relaying your experiences with some of the flavors after 4 weeks.


Just an update to everyone… @Ken_O_Where finally brought back the email server… No more long nights drinking with our server Ken!


Well done gents!

Kudos for lending a hand @Ken_O_Where !!


@Walt_RealFlavors Any updates on the pre ordered black label Vanilla ?? In the mail ??


Has anyone tried the Pecan Pie yet and if so what did you think? Does it have the notorious flavor fade?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:


I didn’t read the whole post but I am wondering if any one has tried the Cheescake?

It is horrible IMO. Single mix at 6 3 1 and .5 It is overpowering and discusting. No cheescake notes at all.

In a recipe. 2% .5% 2drps to 30ml. It doesn’t mix well with other flavors very well at all, even with the 2 drps it is horrendous


I have the same problem with the strawberry. At first I thought it was great and then bam it was gone. I have lost the flavor in as little as the next day. I got to say that I am not really interested in buying to many flavor from RF. especially after trying the cheesecake.


Hmmm, I have throughly enjoyed the RF (SC) Strawberry. I have not experienced any fade issues with this flavoring. In fact I have a RF Shortbread Cookie (SC) / Strawberry (SC) recipe that I mixed mid May. To me it’s still flavorful and has passed the test of time. RF Strawberry (SC) is definitely one of my go to’s, I use it a lot.


That seems to be the way of it, some of us experience loss of flavor and others don’t.


the nastiest SF ive tasted , its like vaping the smell of BA but multiplied by 100 , tested at .5 , 1 and 2


I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the SB and cheesecake. This SB Cream http://tjek.nu/r/cnkC is right on, just tested it again last night at 5 weeks steep and the SB is perfect, right up front.

This cheesecake is also quite good. http://tjek.nu/r/cN0E
The first one didn’t make it past 2 weeks before I finished it, but the new version I made is 120mls and is excellent at only 7 days. Going to try a full 8 weeks and see how it goes. I did experience the harshness of the SF cheesecake, but I had it at 3%, which is crazy. I was testing in max VG, so I thought I needed a higher %. Nope!

I guess it’s a to each their own preferences and palate, I’m just happy I’m enjoying them. Real happy!


Very true; taste is subjective. I’ll tell you what, Message me your address and I will send you my RF Cheesecake


Just ordered it today. I can send you some when I get it. I ordered a bunch of the new ones and some orange. I can’t get enough of they’re orange :blush:


@fidalgo_vapes It’s not just you, but I’m WORSE. It’s still sitting up on the TSTT (Too Scared To Test) shelf for me. I smell it from time to time, but MAN, BOOM, it hits me, and I re-cap and wait until another time. I gotta DO it, just have to get TO it.


Welcome to “TFA Kona coffee land”!!
I tried that stuff at 1%, and had to throw away the bottle I mixed it in, it was so strong and nasty!
About a month later, I actually went back and did a 1% dilution, and I’ve still been TSTT it. That was about 8 months ago mind you :flushed:


Hehe, well who’s to say a healthy dose of fear is a BAD thing ?


Perhaps start lower than .5%, i use the condensed milk SC in the .15-.25% range. Not cuz it smells bad but because it very potent.

I have the Yogurt on the shelf, i havent mixed with it yet but it smells similar to what the others describe so i was considering .25% to start and then building on top of it, if necessary. I do this with a couple of their creams.


Thats how I feel about TFA Coconut Extra. It taste liek a moldy sock sandwich. It even ruins a mix for me at 0.25%.