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Real Flavors Super Concentrates Tasting Notes (Part 2)


one of the flavorings in Straw-Peach Bananacream Cheesecake has been merged.

FW Cream Whipped
is now
Whipped Cream (FW)


Drop it to 0.08%-0.17% and layer with other sweeter cheesecake flavors. The RF SC Cheesecake adds an authentic sour note to a cheesecke mix… Or a yogurt mix…


i may have to do that , ty for the advice ill personally have to start at .08 until im no longer afraid lol


The RF SC Cheesecake is a strong one for sure and I didn’t like it but Walt mentioned mixing it with Sweet Cream and that came out better. 0.25% Cheesecake and 1.5% RF SC Sweet Cream was the trick for me, it was a butterscotch cheesecake so other flavors as well but the Cheesecake didn’t dominate the mix like it usually does. I still prefer CAP NY Cheesecake though but I am a cheap bastard so need to find a way to use the RF…lol


I have it ordered, shipped today so should have it by this weekend. I will let you know how it tastes,

The only flavor so far that has faded badly for me is the Pink Candy, most of the others I have been good with so far. RF SC Strawberry has taken over as my favorite, I think I have gone through 60ml already and if any flavor fade just mild for me, so much so I don’t notice it.

I am going to take @Ken_O_Where advice on Condensed Milk and try it at 0.25%, that one has baffled me for awhile that I thought I would just never use it. The Caramel, Butterscotch, Butter Toffee and all of the cinnamon flavors have been head scratchers in the SC form, either not getting hardly any flavor or just tasting cinnamon and nothing else. Maybe I need to change my approach on them or just settle that they are not for me, with the Caramel and Butterscotch I am leaning that way as I have versions from other companies I just love.

The Cookies haven’t really caught on for me either, anyone have any help for those, I think I have all the cookie flavors but not digging them compared to FA, CAP and OoO sugar butter cookie.

I have gotten a lot of flavors from the SC line that have made there way into ADV’s for me. The Strawberry, Pineapple, Marshmallow, Butter Crisp, Meringue, Bubblegum, Fruit Pebble, Vanilla Custard and I finally nailed a French Toast I actually like using RF SC French Toast, Baked Bread, Brown Sugar while adding FLV Cinnamon Rich, INW Waffle and Shisha Vanilla.

I am slowly learning how to use the RF SC flavors and I am getting better at finding the right combo, that French Toast recipe is only 6.3% total flavor but damn does the flavor come through.


@SteamECloudz First time I’ve seen you post (unless there’s been a name change lol) so I’ll start by saying welcome to ELR!!

Looks like you have a whopper of an order there!
Also, if that’s “waiting on a few…” I’d drop a brick seeing one of your “large” orders. LMAO

Full steam ahead man! :thumbsup:
Nice to have you here!


What percentage do you use with the butter crisp. I love it, but it’s weak and the flavor disappears for me in a couple weeks :frowning:


I believe the general consensus is exactly that :grinning::point_up:


Thanks! Did i have it labled incorrectly? It looks like the new format you listed here. Not sure if you made the change. I may be misunderstanding what you’re telling me.


Regarding the condensed milk %, this recipe uses quite a bit more than your recommendation. It is ridiculously good at 2 days steep. When, in terms of steeping, should I watch out for it to become too strong? This is really great with a snv/short steep method without any heat or breathing, but i plan on letting it sit, hoping the creams and CM don’t go all crazy.


The last one I mixed up SF for the butter crisp was 4.5% but I also added 1% Erythritol for a little more sweetness. It does fade some but just tried the little bit I have left I mixed 5 months ago and still a good amount of flavor.


they use alcohol. Read it on their site.


this was a response for “session drummer,” who was wondering what carrier RF(SC) used.


Less than 3% which we have discussed prior. We also discussed PDO as a carrier in Part 1 of this thread.


thanks. Wasn’t trying to be a know it all. Only just joined the thread. I love all the flavor notes posted here. Amazing. Fantastic post.


Mark_Turner Bigelow
Less than 3% which we have discussed prior. We also discussed PDO as a carrier in Part 1 of this thread.

Forgive me, but I am new to the forum and will ask the stupid question from time to time. This may be one of those times:

Question: Is this group of concentrates you are discussing, is that the ones that are produced in China and the exported and rebranded by many wholesales and retailers? If so has anyone ever submitted them to lab for analytical testing? Labs like this, will do the work.


These are USA, all the way!


I thought the usage guide printed on the bottle was not a recommendation for vaping but for other uses? @Walt_RealFlavors I think we need a clarification on that.


No @Chrispdx you are correct. The usage guide is for food & beverage. Although that top number 2.5%-3% does seem to be for the most part a great recommendation for DIYrs of Eliquids :+1:


@Steve68 I definitely did not take your comment as a “Know it all” by any means. Real Flavors (SC) line is outstanding IMO. And you are right this thread has a plethora of useful information for anyone & everyone interested in Real Flavors concentrates for DIYing :+1: