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Real Flavors Super Concentrates Tasting Notes (Part 2)


I appreciate that very much! But, at .6% or less in each recipe, the bottle I have should last til the expiration date!


I believe Walt said the infamous Cheesecake was originally formulated as a flavoring for cream cheese!


Thanks for that. Appreciated. I’m new to this and just didn’t want to start out on the wrong foot. I noticed in an earlier post you said that you were not overly impressed with the ‘Lemon Cookie.’ I’d be interested to know your thoughts on any other of their flavors you have tried, as I’m thinking seriously about going down the RF(SC) route as it cuts down on the flavor % and the two I have tried so far ( strawberry and sugar cookie) seem pretty good. Thanks


If you would like, My Flavor Stash is set to public. You are welcome to peruse it. Most of the RF (SC) I have written Flavor Notes for on the recipe side. Strawberry (SC) & Sugar Cookie (SC) are outstanding. One of my personal favorites as a SFM is Blueberry Lemonade Slushie (SC) it just tics all the check boxes for me.
Even though I don’t think Lemon Cookie (SC) shines. I do like the concentrate, here’s a more recent mix that everyone seems to really enjoy.


@Steve68 With my setup, and as a SF test, I had pretty good luck with the Lemon Cookie.


@Walt_RealFlavors Has there been any updates, on shipping the pre-ordered Black Label Vanilla ?? I thought I had read you anticipate shipping it late July ??


Hey there! All of the pre orders should have already shipped. PM me and I can try to track down where your order went.


Has anyone here ordered the Apple Butter?

If so, do you have experience with Liquid State Apple Butter? Please let me know if they are close.

I dont want to order any more flavors right now because I have too many still to test but I’ve been unsuccessful at cloning it so far.


Did you ever give the Apple Butter clone I have on the recipe side? It is not my recipe but I have mixed it and iwas damn near spot on. I did just order the Apple Butter from RF. I will post my notes when I have a good steep on it.


I don’t think I saw that one. I will check it out.


Yes, it’s en route (shipping) as we speak.
Major excitement here in hopes that it really delivers!

Sadly, no. But I do have the recipe for the clone (from the French site) on file. Just haven’t gotten around to making it yet. Have you tried the clone? (since I assume you’ve had the original…) Any idea how the clone compares?


I have had the original and the clone from the French site. Almost flawless.


I was going through some of my testers yesterday and I tested the strawberry (sc) (RF) @3% and the bread pudding (sc) (RF @15%. Both mixed mid May. They are both completely muted & faded out to blaaaa. I wanted to constructively, let everyone know what my testers did.
My other RF testers seem to all be on point :ok_hand:


Hmmm. Bread pudding RF Sc at 15% or is that the vg version? I do have some challenges myself with fading, but if it’s the super concentrate version 15% would be too high.

Granted. For the flavor fading issue I’m still slowly testing. But it has stopped me from even picking up promo versions. Even at 2-8 dollars for shipping the time cost is too high playing with the 8 or flavors I have.

Strawberry RF Sc for me seems to be very nice when added to a cream custard that is already steeped to vape at 24-48 hours later. Steeped for me with other flavors at 3-6 weeks some of the beutifull high sweet SB notes fade or dissaperear.

Kiwi so far with fading has been unvapable but I’ve only done “upped” versions going from 2, 2.5, 3, and 4% mixed with cream fresh FA and marshmallow FA standard. My last bottle label kiwi RF Sc is at 1% wishing that it’s on par with MF levels and needs to sit at 1% or less.

Personally I would love to unlock the secrets to RF Sc flavors but this issue makes me sad and the only last wonderment I have is if RF Sc is better served mixing as standalones only or only mixed with other RF Sc flavors…and never sneaking in the FAs INW’s or MFs if this world. But I can’t test that because it would require testing many of the creams mallows fruits and ect that I don’t have.

All of which makes me cry because since I know if the right secrets get fully unlocked RF Sc would track faster with taking over the sales spot from dare I say cap with their customer service alone.


im in the same boat , i have been mixing with some and one recipe was good after 30days , but it had 3 strawberries 2 from RF and Red Touch , the marshmallow candy looked interesting but i passed


Oops yep the bread pudding was the VG version


Maybe my palette is screwed up but when I vape the original I don’t get the same flavor that I do any time I’ve used Fuji. It always comes out too tart. I just don’t think they’re using Fuji but I could be wrong.


Ditto on almost all their flavors. I have stopped buying and using the RF for the most part, unless it’s a shake and vape. Wasted loads of money and time on these. The flavors are some of the best I’ve had, but with the flavor fade mostly useless across the board. I am sooooo disappointed and sad. Due to the athenticity of the flavoring I really really wanted to find a way to make them work :frowning:
I continue to follow this thread in the hopes that someone will eventually figure out the trick.


I hear you MysticRose. I’m not sure if there is a trick or not, but some users of the RF SC have noted that their are a handful that don’t suffer from flavor fade. Maybe someone can post a thread on RF SC flavors that don’t fade after 4 weeks?


I have to say, I’m pretty much in agreement with you across the board. But I’m trying to give them one last chance with the last two “generosity orders”. By that, I mean Walt’s generosity.

What really kills me so far is, given how much he interacts here, how well he accepts our feedback, his transparency in both operations and flavoring components, and especially his behind the scenes work and financial investment in actively supporting the vaping cause…It is almost feels like a crime to admit that the issues exist (for so many of us). If several of these conditions didn’t exist, I’d have long since have just simply written them off completely, and easily. But given the above, I can’t help but root for the “underdog”. It is the essence of both the American spirit, and the American dream. Hence my potentially last hurrah with the 6 flavors I received a couple weeks ago (on the free giveaway), and the recent $2 sale (where 4 more are on the way).

I’m really hoping for good results in all aspects, because I would HATE to be unable to support a company with ethics and practices like what Walt has created. But the reality is still the bottom line (with every company): the product has to perform to customer expectations.

Still wishing you the best Walt,