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Recipe Expectations


What is it that makes for a good recipe? Is it the inhale, the exhale, how it lingers on the palate or how it hold up over time? Do you look for it to be SnV ready or if it steeps well?

I recently tried a popular recipe and in the beginning it was very good. It was noted as a SnV, but 2 weeks later it was trash IMO. I kinda wonder if it was me or is there some ass kissing going on here, because the inhale was descent after a couple week, but the exhale turned into cardboard. It was like a okay half-a-vape. Still users were expressing it’s greatness. It kinda makes me wonder what they were vaping before they tried that mix.

I’m just curious what individuals expect from a good mix?


personally i expect i recipe to taste as close to what its supposed to be as possible so a apple pie should have those same qualities , i dont expect it to be an exact match as if you were eating an apple pie but it should have multiple layers of flave if that what the recipe calls for so say a strawberry banana smoothie it should have both flaves within the inhale and exhale with a nice mouthfeel … i think a lot of people dont want to offend others but ill tell you i made fresh07 strawberry milkshake exactly how it was no changes and to me it was a complex strawberry and cream that could have been achieved with half the flaves it was not worth all the hype it has received


Personally I like it all. Inhale, exhale, all of it, but something you didn’t touch on was smell, both in the bottle and the smell of the exhale.
I guess if I had to rank what I want in a vape it would be

  1. Taste on the inhale.
  2. Probably aroma of the mix itself.
  3. Taste on the exhale
    As far as being snv or a steep, makes no difference to me either way. Although I do enjoy the surprise of tasting a steeped mix and how much it changed after the initial tasting.


That was my issue with the popular mix I tried. It was a good SnV but over time it really turned for the worst.

Should a warning be issued… don’t make more than you can vape in couple weeks?


this has always been a problem for me , too many times has something smelled great and the taste wasnt there while i vape it , for me the smell and finger test of a finished product is misleading, Why cant we all be the same when it comes to this stuff lmao jk


in the notes of a recipe if thats the case id have to say yes , usually if its a good SnV time will help but you have those flaves that time doesnt help so hmmmmm


Finger taste is something I regularly do, but as you said it doesn’t provide a total picture. Harshness isn’t detectable from a finger taste.


That only tells me that the one who came up with that recipe need to do some work on it so it maintain that good SnV feel even over time till its done steeping.

If i came across such a recipe i would appreciate a note telling me that it might be less enjoyable after a given time, but that on the other hand would make the recipe itself less popular.


Actually, yes I think warnings should be issued, but good luck on getting that to happen.
People are too proud of the recipes they created (rightfully so?) to put any kind of warning or disclaimer of that sort on it. Especially if they plan on marketing it.


One reason I was thinking it might be with the problem is with all the hype only a few didn’t see this as a great recipe.


Please don’t misunderstand me. ALL the 3 notes must be in there, if they aren’t, the mix gets shitcanned and I move on. Considering it a lesson learned.


What I’m wondering is if ALL the people that hyped the mix actually tried it or if they just jumped on the “Fabulous Mix” bandwagon.


I know I have a picky palate, but from my experience and the flavors used I predicted where it would end up… cardboard overpowering the mix.

It seems the fanboys didn’t detect this.


i could see that , that makes sense i need to start tasting after i mix i rarely do id probably save myself time tasting right away , i just assume it needs to be steeped and its going to be good lol oh how i am often wrong lol


I don’t do much immediate tasting unless the finger taste is super exceptional.


out of ten recipes how often is one not good ( your original mixes )


For me it is just about making something that tastes delicious, to me. Sometimes i just grab random flavors off the shelf and mix them up to see what happens. Sometimes i like to meld flavors so closely that you cant taste any of them individually and it becomes one new flavor.

Sometimes i layer my mixes and sometimes i just mix flavors to mix them. I dont really have any set of rules, experimentation and discovery is what still drives me to mix new things despite having more than enough recipes and knowledge to vape what i want.

Of course that all changes when i mix a custard. I take all my single flavor mix experience and apply it to long term curing of custards. Custards are serious business, because of the long curing times, so the most thought goes into them.


Probably 25% doesn’t need further adjustments. It really all depends. As I progress in my mixing some I rated @ 5 stars in the past no longer appeal to me as a 5 star mix.


My expectations of other people’s recipes is basically neutral. The reason is due to my experience with retail juices. When one or another would be so popular and everyone swore it was delicious or spot on or what ever, I didn’t always agree. My tastes are weird. I accept that the recipe may be great, it’s just me. (It’s not you, it’s me, lol.)

When I started DIY my expectations were low because I figured it would take me a while to make anything vapable. It surprised me to find a handful of single flavors that were really nice on their own, still I didn’t try anyone else’s recipes. I still haven’t.

Now that I have more flavors and I’m somewhat familiar with the single flavors I like and the strange effects I get from others, I’ve saved a few recipes from other people that I want to try, that I’m very sure I will like. There are other recipes that have inspired me to make similar versions. None of these are public because I haven’t gotten them good enough yet, lol.

As far as what I expect from a good juice and what turns me off process wise, I’ve had a few that start out good but turn south after a steep so I know to only make a small amount. I have a few others that start out like socks and steep really nice. My favorite original creation so far is still Hair of Newt. It starts out bright and crisp as a S&V, (maybe a little harsh for some) and mellows into a sweet smoothie kind of flavor after a few months.

For being vapable, inhale has to be delicious! That’s non-negotiable. If the exhale is not offensive, I’m happy. If the exhale is also delicious, it’s a bonus. If the exhale is incongruently wretched my eyes will cross and I immediately wonder what form of sinister sorcery has taken place in that dark steeping box. Another major factor is dryness. If it’s dry I can usually fix that but it’s definitely off putting.


I have notebooks full of those and several on the site. I had considered going back and redoing many of them but realized i had gotten what i needed from them, knowledge. However there are a few that i update from time to time.