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Recipe Expectations


yes custards im still figuring out its a tough nut to crack and get right but oh how i love a good custard to be honest ive been using cream whipped FA with other creams to create a custard instead of using an actual custard flave , i think too often i expect more than i should because others like it and i feel it needs something else


I never mix with snv in mind and (with a few exceptions) I never vape any of them for at least fourteen days, though most of them tend to be a month or older. While I wait I fingertest and find that to be very telling as to what I can expect from a mix. That said I also fingertest my flavors.

When I vape them I like them to have a flavorfull body on the inhale and I’m interested in how it hits my roof and nose cavaties when it ‘spreads’. (Can I say that in english? Lol) It also have to linger some on the exhale, but that is not as important to me as the inhale.

Is there ass kissing going on with some of the hyped recipes? Absolutely imho.


Custards are tough, my Simple Custard has gone through at least 20 revisions over the years. The long curing times really limit experimentation unless one makes several version of the mix at once, which i almost always do.


I’m not one to call out a bad recipe too fast. But really, I just wonder where the hype comes from.


I haven’t tried that many really, because I wanted to start out with my own ideas and learning from them first, so that I would know a good recipe when I found one so to speak lol, but I still haven’t found one I’m down on my knees for. Yet. I think I maybe just enjoy being creative instead of mixing all the high rated ones.

Imo the hype comes from people being uneasy with stating they don’t like a hyped mix because they will look like inexperienced mixers who don’t know what they are talking about, since everyone else seems to love it.

Oh my, terrible sentences here lol, please forgive me


I wonder the same, several mixes, in the top 25, that i mixed were not at all good. Many mixes with no ratings or few are certainly more worthy to be at the top of the list.

Personally i feel that this group of mixers are the most underrated group out there.


Very true, more than often the best smelling ones, due to the fact, are the biggest let downs


The one thing that drive my expectations is the flavors used and %s as I know what those %s should be IMO. But when a mix has a long following I really expect it to be good if not great.


Really good question. I don’t have any set criteria. It’s the overall experience of the vape. Some vapes are really pungent with strong flavor and I love to hit them a few times say after a good meal and that’s about enough. Like a real rich desert. Other vapes are lighter and more airy and I can vape on them for a long time although I like to carry three four like that for variety and vapors tongue fatigue. Some go great with coffee while others will seem bitter. Some I get burnt out on and will let them sit for a month only to rediscover them and wonder why I didn’t like them. Vaping to me is more like going to a restaurant and going through the menu.


I make enough juice for a couple weeks. So my recipes are taste tested with in a few week period.
A warning would be good for those who like to stock up for a few months.
I appriciate a mix that tastes similar to the fruits or desserts I associate them with.
The inhale, and aftertaste is priority for me.


A lot of the highest rated recipes on here even are from people with youtube channels, from vaping groups etc or are old so a lot of votes when there were not zillions of recepies on here. I have also found of the ones I have mixed, most I have liked havent been as popular as many i havent thought much of at all. That really is a good thing DIY wise as means they are less likely to be copied. I see so many UK eliquids made by popular vendors as well that are obviously copies of diy recipes and get raved about, and bar a few they are mainly copies of average ones as well, good some of the gems remain to a degree hidden from recipe thieves. As for a good vape, to me it is just full of flavour or rather flavours (I like heavy flavour not an adv type of guy), and that it is well balanced. Personally I think there are very few recipes that stand out, I would say of my own and other people, vendors, vaping in general 10% are awful, 70% are really average,15% good but I would say if you make even 1 juice in 20 you make several times over a period of time and still really enjoy it, you are doing well (or maybe that is just my not being an adv type or “advanced mixer”…said with bitter sarcasm…seriously what does that shit even mean).


This is basically how I look at juice and recipes also. Yes it’s nice if I get a good inhale and exhale, but I look at that inhale as what is important. Also it matters not to me if it’s a single flavored recipe or if it has 8 or 10 or 12 different flavorings, if the flavor is there and it is what I’m wanting at the time, then that is what is satisfying what I am wanting out of it. I do not like the idea of single flavor recipes being put out on the recipe side of the site, but that is a different issue altogether.
And I think it’s pretty dumb for people to rate up things they either haven’t tried or they haven’t actually mixed (unless they had received the mix in the mail). If the recipe goes downhill after a period of time, I would like to know about it, also if the recipe is only good from between week 1 through week 4, that would be nice to know but I also understand the original creator may not know the “shelf life” of their mix, they may be vaping it all prior to it going down the tubes.


One thing that’s really obvious for me is a lot of the top recipes only contain TPA, CAP and FW with a sprinkle of FA or INW. TBH I was never able to figure out TPA or FW and I’m getting a better appreciation for some of the CAPs flavors.

A lot of the common flavors I just couldn’t taste in mixes. So adapting a mix which contains mostly common flavors puts me behind the 8ball from the start.

But recognizing the profile used to create a popular mix and subbing for flavors I understand and can taste really helps in making that mix to my expectations.

I think some popular mixes offer good inspiration and the solution might just be using the flavors you like and at the %s that best suit you.will help making that mix to your expectations. Of course give props to your inspiration.


Nice topic @Pro_Vapes.
Makes for some very interesting reading


Would be good to know for sure. Reminds me of when I first sent stuff to a fellow fb group member to try of what I considered my first good recipes (none of them were in retrospect). But I had what i thought was a clever and delicous recipes Key Lime and Coke Pie. When he said it was revolting I was in shock, then remembered I still had a half bottle of it in the cupboard was a month or so old so tried it again…holy vomit balls


This is one of the main reasons I dont mix many recipes at all of other peoples. Like you say a lot of the really popular ones all seem so generic from a small base of flavours. When I did bite the bullet on some of those flavours I wondered why they were so popular. I think partly a cost thing, but shouldnt be so much like that for diy. Every company has great, good and bad flavours that I have tried but FW especially I havent been keen on, it is choice of course but I instantly “close window” if I see a recipe with FW yellow cake in. Of course the other side of the coin, I have liked recipes I have tried by Amy, but there are so many obscure or not popular concentrates in her recipes I hardly ever find any to make and Im a flavour hound myself. That is part of a recipes popularity too though, common concentrates and simple recipes, you dont see many recipes with lots of comment under that are obscure flavourings and/or with several concentrates in them


One expectation that I don’t have is that I will like popular recipes. I always have a dripper with me and many of my friends will want me to try their next greatest find or home brew. While most are not objectionable, it is rare that I share their enthusiasm. Knowing that, I make a lot of 30ml batches of things that have ingredients that I think I will like rather than by rating. Not too many of my 30’s make it to 120 batches and I anticipate that. So far not too many of my trials have been “pour outs” so there’s still not much waste.


lol… makes ya wonder what that person thought of you after that… he vapes this shit…?.. lol
I made a nice Key Lime pie after adding 2% of Key Lime (TPA) to “The Real Barney Rubble V2” by bvapes, the only sub I made when I mixed the Barney Rubble V2 up, was removing the cheesecake and adding Graham cracker in it’s place I believe, but just adding the Key Lime to that original recipe really made a nice key lime tart and smooth vape (I steeped it for a good 3 weeks+).


You said it all in this one sentence!

New mixers just don’t know but what they see most often and is most popular. It really doesn’t take much to make a mix that’s comparable to a vendors juice, so when a noob taste something better than they’ve had before, they translate it to the best there is period. So this is where the hype comes in.

IMO there are steps to mixing good or great mixes that wasn’t a accident. These steps really take time, experience and patience.


Well bizzarely after my second round of send outs he said he was starting up a juice company (which he does now have) and wanted me to be involved and wanted to use one recipe. Ironically that one seemed to have a one month shelf life before going raipdly down hill as well so just as well for both of us I didnt get involved :slight_smile: In retrospect if it was the other way round I would have done a “remove friend” after the lime n coke pie haha